Marketing Tips To Increase The Reach Of Caramel Day

Recap Of Last Years Success

  • Last year Caramel Day was mentioned on Twitter 183 times
  • Most references were on April 5, 2021

Goals For This Year

  • Increase The Reach Of Caramel Day
  • Get More People Talking About And Engaging With Caramel Day
  • Get More People Onto Your Site, Blog, or Page

Potential Impressions

Using last year's 183 mentions of Caramel Day, we can estimate the number of people who would have seen posts on social media mentioning Caramel Day.
Last year this would have been about 761 (See calculation to the right).

The table below shows the potential reach of Caramel Day if you successfully increase the total number of mentions this year.

Increase In Mentions Potential Reach
X 2 1523
X 3 2284
X 4 3045

Potential reach =

(total_mentions * impression_rate) * average_followers_per_account

761.28 = (183 * 0.02) * 208

2% of followers on average see a tweet
208 average followers per account

Suggested Actions Coming Up To Caramel Day

You've Unlocked The WhatNationalDayIsIt Badge For Caramel Day!

As National Caramel was featured on our site last year, we consider it a recognised National Day.

We have made a badge for the people behind recognised national days to celebrate their success. Feel free to copy and paste the html shown onto your site to show off your achievement :D

National Caramel Day

It's Caramel Day
On April 5th

  <link href="" rel="stylesheet">

  	<div style="margin: auto;padding: 5;border: 0px;width: 150px;border-bottom-left-radius: 12px;
  border-bottom-right-radius: 12px;
  border-top-right	-radius: 12px;
  background-color: #feffff;
  box-shadow:0 .25rem .125rem 0 rgba(33,37,41,.075)"> <a   href="" target="_blank"> <img   src="" alt="National Caramel Day" width="150" height="150" /></a>

    <p style = "font-family: 'Roboto', sans-serif; font-size: 20px; text-align: center; color: #666666;">It's National <a   href="" target="_blank">Caramel Daylt;/a> <br> On  April 5th  </p>

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