National Acquaintance Day

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Well, hello there! Today, we’re here to talk about the gem of an occasion called National Acquaintance Day. This day could be likened to 'the shy cousin of Friendship Day', except on National Acquaintance Day, we appreciate not only our friends, but also those we're just getting to know! It’s an opportunity to celebrate the beginnings of potential lifelong friendships, romances, or even colleagues who save you the last coffee pod! Welcome aboard our trip down the digital lane of National Acquaintance Day's history.

When is Acquaintance Day?

It's national acquaintance day on the 9th June.

A Day of Nods, Smiles and Hellos

From the archives of the internet, we can discern that National Acquaintance Day, while not the most well-documented occasion, began to increasingly pop up on social platforms in 2015. This day is all about breaking the ice and extending the hand of friendship, or at least acquaintance-ship (yes, that's a word, we've made it official!). On June 9, 2015, the online world buzzed with mentions of National Acquaintance Day, from posts talking about mates met on this day to throwback tales of friendships that started with a passing smile or a shared meme.

Tweet, Post, and Celebrate

While not as universally observed as Valentine’s Day or Halloween, National Acquaintance Day has its own charm. It's been seen as a fine excuse to nudge that cute coworker for the stapler, or to say 'hello' to the legs that belong to the head buried in a book in the local cafe. Not to mention, it is the perfect day to dip your toes into the pool of social media challenges! From 'wave at a stranger' to 'buy a coffee for the person next in line', National Acquaintance Day nudges our routine lives into vibrant hues of social interaction.

But, Why Though?

National Acquaintance Day serves as a gentle reminder that every deep connection starts somewhere – often, from an innocent 'hello'. All our best friends, partners, and favorite colleagues were, at one point, merely acquaintances. So here's to the beauty of beginnings, the thrill of the unknown, and to the abundant potential within every 'Nice to meet you!'

History behind the term 'Acquaintance'


The beginning in Middle English

The term 'acquaintance' originated in the 14th century in Middle English as 'aqueintaunce.' It derived from the Old French word 'aconter,' which meant 'make known' or 'to come to know.' Back then, 'acquaintance' referred to the state of being acquainted or familiar with someone.


Expanding in Early Modern English

During the 16th century, in Early Modern English, the term 'acquaintance' started to broaden its meaning. It included not only personal relationships but also general knowledge or familiarity with a subject or thing. This expansion led to a more extensive usage of the term in various contexts.


Cultural impact of acquaintance

In the 18th century, the Enlightenment era brought about a significant cultural impact on the term 'acquaintance.' The rise of intellectual and philosophical discussions led to a greater emphasis on knowledge and understanding. 'Acquaintance' became strongly associated with the acquisition of knowledge, especially through social interactions and exposure to different ideas.


Expanding circles of acquaintance

By the 19th century, society became more interconnected due to globalization and improved transportation. This resulted in a vast expansion of individuals' social networks, both locally and internationally. The term 'acquaintance' gained broader significance as people encountered individuals from different cultures, further enriching their understanding of the world.

20th century

Modern usage of acquaintance

In the modern era, the term 'acquaintance' continues to be commonly used in social contexts to refer to a person known, but not necessarily close or intimate. It often implies a level of familiarity that falls short of close friendship. Additionally, 'acquaintance' retains its broader sense of knowledge and familiarity with various subjects, reflecting the evolving complexities of human interactions and understanding.

Did you know?

Did you know the most mentions of National Acquaintance Day online were recorded on June 9, 2015? That's the power of hello!


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