What national day is it today?

1st: Guard Deployments To Fight Covid One day with 4147 mentions across social media.
Did you know? During their deployments, National Guard members demonstrated their culinary skills by preparing delicious meals for their fellow service members, turning army rations into gourmet feasts.
2nd: Intelligence Richard Grenell Has Declassified A Mysterious Inauguration day with 2264 mentions across social media.
Did you know that Inauguration Day was originally set on March 4th, until the ratification of the 20th Amendment in 1933? It was moved to January 20th to reduce the time between Election Day and the swearing-in ceremony!
3rd: Guard Deployment Order Ends Deployments Just One day with 756 mentions across social media.
Did you know that the National Guard can trace its roots all the way back to colonial times? It originated with the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1636, making it one of the oldest components of the United States Armed Forces.

Today's national days

National Guard soldiers wearing protective masks, blue uniforms, assisting people in a bustling city street during the COVID-19 pandemic..
National guard deployments to fight covid one day, 4147 mentions.
Intelligence emblem in background, Richard Grenell revealing a sealed envelope on Inauguration Day, politicians and journalists observing in suspense..
National intelligence richard grenell has declassified a mysterious inauguration day, 2264 mentions.
A group of National Guard soldiers in uniform, standing together with pride, against a backdrop of an American flag..
National guard deployment order ends deployments just one day, 756 mentions.
National Guard soldier in uniform, wearing a face mask, helping out in a hospital setting, surrounded by medical equipment and supplies..
National guard covid deployments one day, 742 mentions.
A diverse group of individuals, dressed in professional attire, sitting in front of microphones, with cameras capturing the important moment..
National narrative is to have nationally televised hearings day, 611 mentions.
A wholesome, sunny beach scene with people playfully holding up creative hand-drawn illustrations as they enjoy National Sending Nudes Day, dressed in casual summer clothing..
National sending nudes day, 561 mentions.
Cheerful man getting tested for hepatitis, wearing a lab coat, modern medical facility with friendly staff..
National hepatitis testing day, 383 mentions.
A person sits at a desk, holding a notebook with colorful covers, wearing glasses, surrounded by whimsical stationery..
National notebook day, 282 mentions.
A diverse group of people, wearing orange shirts, holding hands, standing in a sunny park with peace signs in the background..
National gun violence prevention awareness day, 208 mentions.
Exciting race cars zooming past a cheering crowd, with drivers wearing stylish racing suits, surrounded by a vibrant race track atmosphere..
National nascar day, 184 mentions.
Happy couple in elegant attire, dancing in a beautifully decorated venue, surrounded by flowers and a towering wedding cake..
National wedding day, 151 mentions.
Smiling young woman in a flowy sundress, basking in the beautiful sunshine at the park, surrounded by blooming flowers and a picnic basket..
National may ray day, 149 mentions.
Young boy waving an American flag, dressed in a patriotic outfit, surrounded by soldiers in military uniforms and an American flag backdrop..
National war heroes day, 117 mentions.
Young person reading a book with a powerful quote by Malcolm X, wearing a casual outfit with a dash of activism, surrounded by diverse cultural symbols..
National malcolm x day, 95 mentions.
A group of people laughing and wearing colorful clothing, celebrating National Bash Your President Day in a festive outdoor setting..
National bash your president day, 94 mentions.
A joyous group of people wearing colorful life jackets, surrounded by a serene lake and boats in the background..
National life jacket day, 83 mentions.
Young man in National Guard uniform, standing proudly, surrounded by American flags, with a sunny park scene in the background..
National guard off emergency duties one day, 80 mentions.
A happy teacher, wearing a classic tweed blazer, surrounded by colorful classroom decorations and enthusiastic students..
National train a teacher day, 74 mentions.
Cheerful person savoring a slice of devil's food cake, wearing a vintage-inspired outfit, in a cozy coffee shop surrounded by chocolatey delights..
National devils food cake day, 66 mentions.
A solemn monument erected in honor of National War Heroes Remembrance Day, surrounded by an expansive landscape of green fields and bright blue skies..
National war heroes remembrance day, 61 mentions.