What national day is it today?

1st: Student day with 3289 mentions across social media.
Did you know that the word 'student' comes from the Latin 'studere', which means 'to devote oneself to'? Quite apt, don't you think?
2nd: Believe day with 2665 mentions across social media.
The term 'believe' originally comes from the Old English 'belyfan', which means to 'hold dear'. Kind of fitting for a day that encourages you to validate and hold your dreams, hopes and aspirations close, don't you think?
3rd: Miners day with 900 mentions across social media.
Did you know that miners have their own special way of communicating underground? They use a secret language called 'miners' jargon' or 'pitmatic' to communicate in noisy and dark conditions. It's like a secret code only understood by those who brave the depths of the earth!

Today's national days

Group of diverse students studying together in a modern library, wearing casual clothing, with laptops and books spread across the table..
National student day, 3289 mentions.
Young person pressing an 'I believe' button on a web browser, surrounded by cheering digital characters..
National believe day, 2665 mentions.
Joyful miners, wearing hard hats and work boots, deep underground, surrounded by dazzling minerals and precious treasures..
National miners day, 900 mentions.
A person holding a bowl of colorful gazpacho, wearing a straw hat, sitting in a vibrant outdoor market..
National gazpacho day, 467 mentions.
A smiling person wearing a chef's hat, holding a popcorn bag, surrounded by kitchen utensils..
National microwave oven day, 459 mentions.
A modern kitchen with a microwave, showcasing different food items being prepared, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere..
National microwave day, 331 mentions.
Smiling bartender in a stylish cocktail bar, wearing classic attire, surrounded by colorful mixology tools and exotic drink ingredients..
National bartenders day, 100 mentions.
Joyful group of people dressed as elves, lighting up a Christmas tree in a snowy forest..
National elf day, 67 mentions.
Young woman with a delightful smile, wearing a floral dress, surrounded by a field of blooming flowers..
National josephine langford day, 46 mentions.
Thrill-seekers in the sky! A group of diverse individuals in colorful jumpsuits, soaring through the clouds with expressions of pure joy..
National skydive day, 21 mentions.
A group of diverse adventurers in outdoor gear, exploring a mystical forest with a treasure map..
National quest day, 19 mentions.
A friendly pawnbroker helping a customer evaluate their items, with a cozy shop interior and a counter filled with miscellaneous treasures..
National pawnbrokers day, 13 mentions.
Young adults laughing and smiling, dressed in colorful retro outfits, expressing joy in a vibrant internet-inspired setting..
National horny on main day, 13 mentions.
A ninja in a black outfit, performing a daring acrobatic move in a dimly lit ancient Japanese temple, surrounded by cherry blossom trees..
National international ninja day, 12 mentions.
A group of friends wearing hiking gear, exploring a dark and mysterious forest, with flashlights in their hands, searching for dire creatures..
National dire day, 8 mentions.
Two individuals playfully sparring with oversized boxing gloves in a colorful, carnival-like atmosphere, showcasing the festive spirit of National Fighting Day..
National fighting day, 33 mentions.
Young at heart, embrace your inner child by building a cozy, homemade architecture blanket fort. Inspiring creativity in a whimsical living room scene with plush toys and fairy lights..
National blanket fort day, 4 mentions.
Young individual admiring their reflection in a mirror, wearing fashionable attire, urban cityscape in the background, celebrating National Narcissism Day..
National narcissism day, 19 mentions.