Sunday the 22nd of January 2017

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It's National Hugging Day!

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  • National Hugging Day with 895 mentions

  • National Hug Day with 793 mentions

  • National Tulip Day with 524 mentions

  • National Mall On Inauguration Day with 432 mentions

  • National Signing Day with 333 mentions

  • National Polka Dot Day with 295 mentions

  • National Birds Day with 179 mentions

  • National Hot Sauce Day with 172 mentions

  • National Act Day with 145 mentions

  • National Blonde Brownie Day with 142 mentions

  • National Wear Red Day with 112 mentions

  • National Squirrel Appreciation Day with 86 mentions

  • National Dog Day with 71 mentions

  • National Anthem At Nfc Championship Wins The Day with 67 mentions

  • National Popcorn Day with 58 mentions

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