What national day is it tomorrow?

1st: Emoji day with 6992 mentions across social media.
Did you know that the original set of 176 emojis, designed by Shigetaka Kurita, are now part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City? Talk about eternal e-mortality!!
2nd: Peach Ice Cream day with 1580 mentions across social media.
Did you know that peaches are a symbol of longevity and good luck in some cultures? In Chinese folklore, peaches are believed to possess magical properties, granting immortality to those who eat them. While we can't guarantee immortality, we can promise that peach ice cream will make you feel pretty darn good.
3rd: Hiv Prevention day with 497 mentions across social media.
Did you know that Tanzania holds the Guinness World Record for the largest number of people tested for HIV in a single day? On December 1, 2014, over 16,000 individuals were tested!

Tomorrow's national days

A diverse group of people wearing colorful clothing and different hats, surrounded by emojis and symbols in a vibrant city setting..
National emoji day, 6992 mentions.
Young girl enjoying a scoop of peach ice cream, wearing a sundress, in a sunny orchard surrounded by ripe peaches..
National peach ice cream day, 1580 mentions.
Young adult holding hands with diverse group, wearing HIV awareness t-shirts, vibrant urban background with a health clinic nearby..
National hiv prevention day, 497 mentions.
Young woman with a cup of tea, cozy in pajamas, surrounded by candles, enjoying a heartwarming rom-com movie night..
National seriously single day, 365 mentions.
Young child being surrounded by various national animals, wearing a safari hat, adventurous nature background..
National animals day, 286 mentions.
Young person holding a winning lottery ticket, surrounded by confetti and balloons, dressed in formal attire, celebrating with friends in a luxurious setting..
National lottery day, 182 mentions.
Young woman holding hands with a glioblastoma survivor, wearing a yellow ribbon, park setting with sunflowers in the background..
National glioblastoma day, 180 mentions.
Young man in a suit, holding a giant open sign, surrounded by diverse group of people with wide smiles, urban city street scene..
National opens because of mandatory day, 114 mentions.
A group of diverse students studying in a lively campus setting, with smiles, backpacks, and stacks of books..
National student affairs day, 63 mentions.
A diverse group of voice actors gathered around a microphone, wearing casual clothing, in a recording studio filled with soundproof panels..
National voice actor voice actor day, 62 mentions.
Young adults wearing colorful costumes, sharing a lighthearted dance, surrounded by playful prank props and vibrant confetti..
National jinjin day, 56 mentions.
A group of diverse people in modern clothing, each holding and displaying a different emoji symbol, against a colorful digital background..
National world emoji day, 48 mentions.
Young woman holding a rubber yellow pig toy, wearing a cheerful yellow dress, outdoor sunny picnic scene.
National yellow pig day, 47 mentions.
A diverse group of people enjoying the cool breeze from an air conditioner, dressed in summer outfits, in a modern living room..
National air conditioning day, 45 mentions.
Young woman sitting in front of an air conditioner, wearing summer clothes, beach scene with palm trees in the background..
National air conditioner day, 44 mentions.
A diverse group of people wearing judge's robes, holding gavels, with a backdrop of a courthouse, symbolizing the celebration of National Justice Day..
National justice day, 27 mentions.
A joyful child enthusiastically enjoying a scoop of ice cream, wearing a striped shirt, bright sunny park setting..
National ice cream i scream day, 25 mentions.
Young man wearing a Hoodie Allen graphic hoodie, surrounded by a crowd of people, enjoying a lively concert atmosphere..
National hoodie allen day, 24 mentions.
Young child drawing with smelly markers, surrounded by smurfs, smarties, and s'mores ingredients, in a colorful arts and crafts room..
National sm day, 20 mentions.
Colorful flower garden with a person wearing a sun hat, surrounded by butterflies and a white picket fence..
National garden scheme day, 8 mentions.