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Welcome to National Administrative Professionals Day, a day dedicated to honoring the unsung heroes of the office! These hardworking individuals keep everything running smoothly and make sure we don't accidentally hit 'reply all' with that embarrassing email. So let's take a moment to appreciate the administrative professionals who keep the chaos in check with their organizational skills and calm demeanor.

When is Administrative Professionals Day?

It's national administrative professionals day on the 22nd April.

The Birth of National Administrative Professionals Day

It's time to dig into the internet history and uncover the origins of National Administrative Professionals Day. This special day first came into existence in the year 1952. Back then, it was known as National Secretaries Day and was created by the National Secretaries Association (now called the International Association of Administrative Professionals) to recognize the valuable contribution of administrative professionals in the workplace.

Since then, this day has been celebrated on the Wednesday of the last full week of April. It serves as a reminder to show gratitude and appreciation for the administrative professionals who efficiently manage phones, emails, schedules, and a million other things that keep the office humming.

How to Celebrate?

Celebrating National Administrative Professionals Day is all about showing appreciation. Here are a few ideas to make your administrative professionals feel extra special:

  • Write a Thank You Note: Take a moment to personally thank your administrative professionals for their hard work. A heartfelt note can brighten their day and show that their efforts don't go unnoticed.
  • Give a Thoughtful Gift: Consider getting a small gift that reflects their interests or hobbies. It could be a book by their favorite author, a personalized desk accessory, or a gift card to their go-to coffee shop. It's the thought that counts!
  • Treat Them to Lunch: Surprise your administrative professionals with a delicious lunch on National Administrative Professionals Day. Whether you order their favorite takeout or book a table at a fancy restaurant, a tasty meal is always a great way to say 'thank you'.

Did You Know?

Now, for a fun and interesting fact about National Administrative Professionals Day: did you know that administrative professionals are masters of multitasking? They can talk on the phone, reply to emails, answer questions, and organize paperwork all at the same time. It's like they have a superpower called 'efficiency'!

History behind the term 'Administrative Professionals'


Creation of National Secretaries Day

In 1942, the National Secretaries Association (now known as the International Association of Administrative Professionals) was founded to recognize the valuable contributions of secretaries and administrative assistants. The association aimed to highlight the importance of administrative professionals in the workplace and their role in supporting the efficient functioning of organizations.


National Secretaries Week

To further honor administrative professionals, National Secretaries Week was established in 1952. This week-long celebration provided an opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the hard work and dedication of administrative professionals across various industries.


Renaming as Administrative Professionals Week

In 1981, National Secretaries Week was officially renamed as Administrative Professionals Week to encompass the evolving roles and responsibilities of administrative professionals beyond just secretarial work. The new name aimed to reflect the changing nature of administrative roles and recognize the diverse range of skills possessed by these professionals.


Expansion to Administrative Professionals Day

To give special recognition to administrative professionals on a specific day during the week, Administrative Professionals Day was introduced in 2000. This day serves as a focal point of festivities and expressions of gratitude, allowing employers and colleagues to show their appreciation for the valuable contributions made by administrative professionals.


Ongoing celebration and recognition

Today, Administrative Professionals Week continues to be celebrated worldwide. It provides an opportunity for organizations to express gratitude, acknowledge the vital role played by administrative professionals, and foster a culture of appreciation within the workplace. The term 'administrative professionals' has become widely used to encompass various roles, including executive assistants, office managers, receptionists, and other administrative support staff.

Did you know?

Did you know that administrative professionals are masters of multitasking? They can talk on the phone, reply to emails, answer questions, and organize paperwork all at the same time. It's like they have a superpower called 'efficiency'!


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