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You've been shuffling your Spotify playlist or combing through your CD collection without realizing you're on the verge of the most melodious day of the year - National Album Day! A day that reminds us of the thrill of unwrapping a new vinyl or hitting download on an artist’s latest body of work. Who knew that a day dedicated to the 'music album' would stir such an online symphony with a whopping 6339 mentions at its peak in 2019.

When is Album Day?

It's national album day on the 12th October.

What's the Fuss of National Album Day.

Birthed into existence in 2018 by the British Phonographic Industry and the Entertainment Retailers Association, National Album Day is a day dedicated to appreciating the beauty of full-length music masterpieces that have provided the soundtrack to our lives. Whether it’s the magic of admiring album artwork, or the joy of digesting a sonic journey from track 1 to track 12, this day is all about honoring the album as an art form.

Musicpeaks on National Album Day.

The internet couldn't help but dance to this upbeat tune too. In fact, its loudest applause came on 12th Oct, 2019 with 6339 mentions. A sonorous orchestra of tweets, posts, comments, and shares brought to the forefront the innate love and appreciation we all share for a well-crafted album. Digital natives, vinyl veterans, and CD connoisseurs alike all joined in on this harmonious celebration.

Strike the Right Note.

Whether it sparks nostalgic memories of your first-ever album, rekindling fond remembrances of afternoons spent listening to a new CD nonstop, or reconnects you with the thrill of discovering those hidden tracks, National Album Day is all about embracing the power that music brings to our lives. So go ahead, spin that record, turn up the volume and let the music play!

History behind the term 'Album'


The birth of the LP

In 1948, Columbia Records introduced the Long Play (LP) record, an innovation that had a profound impact on the music industry. LPs were made of vinyl and played at 33 1/3 revolutions per minute (rpm), allowing for up to 30 minutes of music on each side. This longer playing time opened up new possibilities for artists to create concept albums and tell cohesive musical stories.


The rise of the album format

By 1965, albums had become the dominant format for releasing music. Artists began to see albums as a creative canvas where they could experiment with different styles and themes. The Beatles' groundbreaking album 'Rubber Soul' showcased the potential of the album format by blending various genres and pushing the boundaries of popular music.


The concept album revolution

The 1970s witnessed a surge in concept albums, where artists aimed to create cohesive narratives or explore thematic ideas across an entire album. Pink Floyd's 'The Dark Side of the Moon' (1973) became a landmark in concept album history, addressing themes of human nature, mental illness, and the passage of time. The album's immersive experience generated a cultural phenomenon that resonated with millions of listeners.


The rise of the cassette tape

In 1982, the introduction of the compact cassette tape brought about a shift in the album format. Cassettes were portable, affordable, and allowed for easy duplication. Albums became more accessible to a wider audience, and people embraced the mixtape culture, curating personalized collections of songs from different albums. The cassette tape era gave rise to new listening habits and further expanded the impact of albums.


The digital revolution

With the advent of digital music platforms like Napster and later iTunes, the music industry underwent a massive transformation. The concept of an 'album' became more fluid as listeners could easily download and cherry-pick individual songs. However, artists still recognized the importance of crafting cohesive bodies of work. Radiohead's release of 'In Rainbows' in 2007 as a pay-what-you-want download demonstrated the continued significance of the album even in the digital era.

Did you know?

Don't be too quick to skip the 'bonus' tracks. The Beatles were known for their 'hidden' tracks. The most famous one is the ghostly track at the end of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band’s 'A Day in the Life'. So, next time you listen to an album, be patient; you never know what sonic surprise the artist might have left for you!


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