National Angela Appreciation Day

A group of diverse individuals named Angela, wearing stylish clothing from different cultures and eras, surrounded by hearts and smiles. One Angela is wearing a 1920s flapper dress in a jazz club scene, another is wearing traditional Indian attire with henna designs, and another is wearing a modern business suit in a bustling city scene..
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Ever go by a day and think, 'You know what, surely there's a national day for every name out there'. Then, you're greeted with an ecstatic 'Yes, indeed!' by National Angela Appreciation Day. This loving celebratory day rockets everyone named Angela onto their rightfully deserved pedestral of appreciation and love.

When is Angela Appreciation Day?

It's national angela appreciation day on the 13th April.

A Brief History

Our painstakingly thorough research unveiled surprisingly that National Angela Appreciation Day started as a whisper in the virtual corridors on 13 April, 2017. Like an infectious giggle, it picked up momentum and before you knew it, online users were proclaiming heartstrings of admiration for the Angelas of this world. With just 5 mentions, it's a close-knit day of appreciation but one that oozes earnest sentiment.

Why Celebrate?

Who doesn't deserve a bit of love and recognition from time to time? Angela in particular is a name known worldwide, embedded in manifold cultures. A universal Amy of sorts, deserving nothing but love and recognition, hence why the internet noticed it deserves its own celebration day. Why? because why not! it's always good to appreciate beloved Angela.

How to Celebrate

Treat an Angela you know, or if you are an Angela then give a treat to yourself! Grab a cuppa, have a laugh, sing a song or just stay cosy at home and binge-watch a series. This day is like a pocket full of sunshine, with an 'appreciate Angela' badge on it. The spirit is to appreciate and spread love and positivity.

History behind the term 'Angela Appreciation'


Angela Merkel becomes the first female Chancellor of Germany

In 2005, Angela Merkel made history by becoming the first female Chancellor of Germany. Her ascent to the position marked a significant milestone for gender equality and women's empowerment in German politics. Merkel's leadership style, which emphasized pragmatism and consensus-building, gained her popularity within and outside of Germany.


Merkel's international influence and engagement grows

In 2007, Angela Merkel hosted the G8 Summit in Germany. During her tenure, she has played a crucial role in shaping European politics and has been widely regarded as one of the most powerful women in the world. Merkel's expertise and influence in international affairs have contributed to her status as a respected and influential global leader.


Merkel's leadership during the European refugee crisis

In 2015, Angela Merkel faced a defining moment in her political career during the European refugee crisis. Despite facing significant challenges and criticism, she adopted an open-door policy, welcoming over a million refugees into Germany. This decision sparked both support and opposition within Germany and across Europe, ultimately shaping the immigration policies of many countries.


Merkel announces step down as Chancellor

In 2019, Angela Merkel announced that she would not seek re-election as Chancellor of Germany when her term ends in 2021. Her decision marked the end of an era in German politics and led to widespread reflections on the impact of her leadership on the international stage. Merkel's tenure as Chancellor has left a lasting impact on German society and politics, paving the way for a new chapter in Germany's political landscape.

Did you know?

Did you know that the name Angela means 'angel' or 'messenger' in Greek? Quite apt for a day appreciating Angelas, the messengers of love!


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13th April 2017

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13th April 2017

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