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Oh, you lovely goblins of internet trivia, you've landed on quite an obscure treat today! Get ready to unravel the surprising thread of 'National Annie Day'. Now, you may be wondering, 'Annie...the musical? The comic strip? Or perhaps your Aunt Annie who makes the delightful cheesecake?' Let's find out, shall we?

When is Annie Day?

It's national annie day on the 19th January.

A Whisk Through the Historical Weave

While the number of instances of National Annie Day showing up across the internet is scarcer than hens teeth, the day seems to have reached its height of popularity on January 19, 2017. What happened that day, you might wonder. Did the comic strip have an extraordinary publication? Did a Broadway revival of the musical shake the cultural landscape? Or did Aunt Annie's cheesecake recipe win a national award? Sadly, our sources remain mysteriously silent.

Possible Origin Stories

Given the limited information, the origins of this day are shrouded in more mystery than the identity of Jack the Ripper. Counterfeit plot theory, anyone? Jokes aside, the most likely explanation could be a local or community established event, in honor of an individual named Annie. Could it be a tribute to Annie Oakley, the sharpshooting legend from the Wild West? Or Annie Marie Jarrett, the Guinness World Record holder for the longest lasso throw by a woman? Again, we can only speculate, but the excitement of the possibilities are certainly thrilling.

The Annie Connection

Annie is a name that's tied to numerous legendary figures and cultural cornerstones. Could National Annie Day be an all-inclusive celebration of those fantastic Annies who have graced our history and culture? From the iconic, curly-haired orphan, to Annie Oakley & Annie Lennox, this day could be a tribute to them all, a heartfelt cheers to the unforgettable Annies who have enriched our lives.

So, What Now?

While the mystery of National Annie Day remains unsolved, the excitement around it only grows. So mark your calendar for next January 19, dear internet detectives. Whether you're reminiscing over Annie the Musical, admiring the badass that was Annie Oakley, or simply enjoying Aunt Annie's famed cheesecake, let's make it a day of celebration and appreciation for all things Annie!

History behind the term 'Annie'


Creating the character

The term 'annie' can be traced back to 1924 when the American cartoonist Harold Gray introduced the comic strip character Annie in the newspaper strip 'Little Orphan Annie'. Annie was a spunky and optimistic little girl who captured the hearts of readers with her adventures and indomitable spirit. The character became immensely popular and soon became a household name.


Broadway musical adaptation

In 1977, the character Annie received a new wave of popularity when the Broadway musical 'Annie' premiered. The musical, with music by Charles Strouse and lyrics by Martin Charnin, brought Annie's story to life on stage. It was a huge success, captivating audiences with its catchy songs like 'Tomorrow' and its heartwarming story. The term 'annie' started to become associated with the character and her resilience.


Film adaptation

In 1982, a film adaptation of the musical was released, further cementing the term 'annie' in popular culture. Starring Aileen Quinn as Annie, the film gained widespread acclaim and reached a wider audience beyond the theater. The success of the film contributed to the term 'annie' becoming a recognizable reference to the character, symbolizing hope, bravery, and perseverance.


Modern revival

Annie's popularity endured through the years, and in 2014, a modern film adaptation of the musical was released, reintroducing the character to a new generation. This revived interest in Annie and ensured that the term 'annie' remained a relevant cultural reference. The term continues to evoke the spirit of the character and is often used to describe someone with optimism and resilience.

Did you know?

Did you know that both Annie the Musical and Little Orphan Annie comic strip were inspired by an 1885 poem 'Little Orphant Annie' written by James Whitcomb Riley?


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