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Are you ready to flex your knowledge muscles on a day that celebrates our own physical strength? Well, tighten your bicep curls and hold on to your protein shakes, because we're about to dive into the buff and brawny history of National Arm Day!

When is Arm Day?

It's national arm day on the 22nd May.

A Brief History of National Arm Day

National Arm Day is a phenomenon that's been curling its way around the internet. With detection data showing a significant 197 mentions online, this event really gained traction on 22 May 2016, a date that has since become historically important to those who respect and admire the arm.

Arming Ourselves with Knowledge

While the reasons behind National Arm Day remain shrouded in a thick fog of internet mystery, the day seems to revolve around acknowledging our sizeable upper body strength or clutching that elusive quest for gym-honed perfection. It's about setting new personal records, improving mental resilience, and even having a little fun while increasing our arm circumference.

Giving Thanks to Our Arms

Our arms do thankless heavy lifting for us all day, every day. So why not show them some gratitude? On National Arm Day, people salute their arms for what they are: An essential part of our body that facilitate countless important tasks. Whether your arms are carrying grocery bags, playing sports, or embracing loved ones, they're always there for us, doing their arm thing.

Using National Arm Day to Raise Awareness

Beyond the muscle flexing and fit fun, the day also serves as a moment of awareness. It's an opportunity to appreciate our arm health and wellness, celebrate stories of arm-related perseverance, or support those coping with arm-related challenges or conditions.

History behind the term 'Arm'

circa 7000 BCE

The Birth of the Word

The term 'arm' can be traced back to the early days of human civilization, around 7000 BCE. It originated from the Proto-Indo-European root word 'h₂erǵ', which meant 'to join' or 'fit together'. This original meaning reflects the function of the arm as a limb that connects and joins various parts of the body.

15th century CE

Middle English Adoption

During the 15th century, the term 'arm' was adopted into Middle English from the Old French word 'arme', meaning 'arm' or 'weapon'. This adoption likely occurred due to the close association of arms with military weaponry during that time. The term began to be commonly used to refer to the upper limb of the human body, a usage that continues to this day.

19th century CE

Expansion of Meanings

In the 19th century, the term 'arm' expanded beyond its anatomical and military associations to encompass a wider range of objects and concepts. The metaphorical use of 'arm' emerged, with 'arm' coming to represent power, strength, and support. This extension of meaning is evident in phrases such as 'arm yourself with knowledge' or 'the long arm of the law'.

20th century CE

Modern Usage

In the 20th century, the term 'arm' continued to evolve and find diverse applications. It became an essential part of technical terminology, used in fields like engineering, robotics, and anatomy. Additionally, 'arm' entered popular culture, with idioms like 'arm candy' referring to an attractive companion and phrases like 'to give someone the cold shoulder' referencing a lack of support or assistance, in which the metaphorical use of 'arm' remains prevalent.

Did you know?

Did you know that the arm, specifically the humerus bone and its surrounding muscles, is one of the most commonly used parts of the human body throughout a single day? Now that's a humerus fact to arm yourself with!


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