National Armpit Day

A diverse group of people, each wearing unique and stylish tank tops, embracing their armpits with confidence and joy. Some are in a vibrant summer beach setting, others in a lively city scene, and a few in a serene nature backdrop. The image captures the spirit of National Armpit Day, celebrating body acceptance and the uniqueness of each individual. A fun and playful atmosphere is evident as people happily raise their arms, sharing giggles and spreading positivity..
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Hey there, celebration enthusiasts! Ever thought your humble armpits were worth celebrating? Well, on National Armpit Day, they certainly are. A day so special, it leaves you smelling dandy for even daring to enter its orbit. We don't want to get too 'up close and personal' here, but did you know your armpits can be peaches of a party on their own? Let's dive in, nose first.

When is Armpit Day?

It's national armpit day on the 21st June.

What's all the Fuzz About?

National Armpit Day, we've seen it pop up on the internet, leaving us all a little sweaty and ticklish. With a grand total of 4 mentions online, it's still a bit of a hidden gem, but also a grumbling stone in the pit of National Days.

A Cheeky Olfactory Affair

Our records show that the majority of online mentions occur on 21st June 2016. During mid-summer, when the sun's at its peak and so are our sweat glands. What impeccable timing, we must say.

The Sweet Smell of Celebrations

Now, to the business end of things. How do we mark National Armpit Day? You could just lift those hands up and let the world catch a whiff of your personal aroma. A gag gift of a deodorant wouldn't go amiss either. Or perhaps conduct an experiment into the highly controversial subject of 'Which deodorant really works best?'

The Under(floral)tones

Again, don't go getting cold feet (well, cold pits, quite so) at the thought of it all. The goal here is body acceptance and loving every bit of our physical selves, even the stinky, hairy, squeaky bits. We're all a little weird, and that's just absolutely wonderful.

History behind the term 'Armpit'


Origins of the term 'armpit'

The term 'armpit' dates back to the 1600s and is a combination of the Middle English words 'arm' and 'pit'. 'Arm' referred to the upper limb of the body, while 'pit' described a hollow or cavity. Thus, 'armpit' was used to describe the hollow space under the arm where the arm meets the body.


The cultural significance of 'armpit'

In the 1800s, the term 'armpit' became widely used and entered into common language. It played a significant role in various cultural contexts, particularly in relation to personal hygiene and body odor. The armpit was considered an area of concern in terms of cleanliness and the potential for unpleasant smells.


Societal attitudes towards 'armpit' and advertising

During the 1900s, societal attitudes towards body odor and personal hygiene began to shift. Advertisements for deodorants and antiperspirants focused on the fear and embarrassment associated with having smelly armpits. These advertisements played a role in shaping public perceptions and encouraged people to prioritize hygiene in their underarm care routines.

Modern times

Evolution of armpit-related rituals

In modern times, the armpit has taken on additional cultural significance beyond hygiene. Armpit hair, for example, has become associated with concepts of beauty, gender norms, and self-expression. Some individuals choose to embrace their natural armpit hair as a statement against societal expectations and beauty standards.

Did you know?

Did you know? Our armpits carry a unique 'scent fingerprint'. That's right, no two armpit scents are exactly the same!


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21st June 2016

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21st June 2016

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