National Army Day

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Hup two three four, attention readers! We're marching straight into a grand salute to one of the most valorous days of the year – National Army Day. A day of drum-rolls, star-spangled banners and heart-stirring anthems that make your heart fill with pride and your spine tingle, just a bit. And mark your calendars because theres a significant uptick in internet chatter about this day recently! Isn’t it simply thrillsville?

When is Army Day?

It's national army day on the 15th January.

Passing in review: The Internet History of National Army Day

Like a well-drilled platoon, we’ve scanned the cyberspatial terrain extensively and detected 3591 mentions of National Army Day. That's a lot of keyboard warriors sending online love to the real warriors! Of course, the most mentions were on the actual Army Day which is 15 January 2021. We guess you could say the internet fell into rank and file for the event, giving us all the official online hurrahs we could ask for.

National Army Day: a tradition of honor

The purpose of National Army Day is not just about hoisting flags and playing the bugle. It is a day to show our unyielding respect and deep gratitude to our brave soldiers. It’s like sending a massive, nationwide thank-you note that says, ‘We appreciate your service, soldier!’. Remember, behind every mention, like, share, or retweet there are stories of courage, sacrifice, and love for our nation. So, yes, the Internet becomes kind of a love letter writing wingman on Army Day. Who knew the Internet could wear its heart on its sleeve like that?

History behind the term 'Army'


The Renaissance Reforms

During the Renaissance period, military structures evolved significantly. The term 'army' emerged in the late 15th century, derived from the Latin word 'armata', meaning 'armed' or 'equipped'. This term was used to describe the organized fighting force of a nation, consisting of foot soldiers and cavalry.


Transition to Modern Warfare

As warfare tactics evolved, so did the concept of armies. In the 18th century, the introduction of firearms and the rise of professional standing armies marked a significant shift in military strategies. The term 'army' became more commonly associated with large, organized forces equipped with advanced weaponry.

19th Century

Napoleonic Wars and Global Influence

The global conflicts of the Napoleonic Wars in the early 19th century emphasized the power and influence of armies on a massive scale. This period saw the rise of nationalism and the conception of armies as defenders of the nation-state. The term 'army' became inseparable from notions of patriotism and national identity.

20th Century

World Wars and Technological Advancements

The 20th century witnessed some of the largest and most devastating conflicts in human history, namely World Wars I and II. These wars showcased the devastating impact of modern weaponry and the scale on which armies operated. With the advent of tanks, aircraft, and other advanced weapons, armies became more versatile and complex.

Did you know?

Did you know, when it comes to National Army Day, there's a lot more love than just that on Valentine's day? We aren't kidding, the Internet becomes a playground of heartfelt dedications on this day! Sometimes, love really is a battlefield.


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