National Ask Someone Out Day

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Here's an interesting nudge to your inner daring spirit - National Ask Someone Out Day! Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like. The day when, no matter your usual bouts of hesitation, you gather up the courage to ask your secret crush on a date. Oh boy, isn't that exciting, and slightly nerve-wracking? We first detected mentions of this day online in the year 2015, and there's been quite the buzz about it since then. Capitalising on the spontaneity of the day could possibly get you a memorable date, or bring in a good laugh!

When is Ask Someone Out Day?

It's national ask someone out day on the 10th July.

What's National Ask Someone Out Day?

Every now and then, Internet invents new days to celebrate and remember. One such amusing invention is - National Ask Someone Out Day. Detected first on 10th of July 2015, it quickly grabbed many eyeballs. With 85 mentions online and growing, this day has surely minted a place in our digital calendars. Whether you’re thrilled by the adventure or daunted at the prospect, it’s a date to save!

The Origin of National Ask Someone Out Day

Like many Internet phenomena, the precise origin of National Ask Someone Out Day isn’t well-documented. However, we do know that it was first detected on 10th July 2015, which could well have been its premier. No matter the origin, this day acts as a fun excuse and provides a little extra courage for those looking to ask out their secret or not-so-secret crush. Hint: it's a lot easier to ask them out when you can blame it on a day.

How to Celebrate The Day?

Whether it’s asking someone out for a coffee, a sports event, a movie or even for a long drive, this day strums up the possibility of 'what-if’. It’s an invitation to step out of your comfort zone and take a leap of faith. Just be sure to respect their response, whether it's a resounding 'yes' or a courteous 'no'. After all, there's always next year!”

History behind the term 'Ask Someone Out'


The Emergence of 'Ask Someone Out'

In the 1930s, the term 'ask someone out' began to emerge as a popular phrase in dating culture. Prior to this time, it was common for men to formally request a woman's company for a specific event or occasion. However, as dating norms started to shift towards more casual interactions, the term 'ask someone out' arose to describe the act of inviting someone to spend time together in a romantic context.


Integration into Cultural Vocabulary

During the 1950s, the phrase 'ask someone out' became firmly integrated into the cultural vocabulary surrounding dating and relationships. This era marked the rise of youth culture and the prevalence of casual dating practices. As a result, asking someone out became a common and often expected part of the dating process for many young individuals.


Influence of Feminism

In the 1970s, the women's liberation movement and the rise of feminism brought about significant changes in dating dynamics. This period emphasized the importance of consent, equality, and mutual respect in relationships. The term 'ask someone out' began to reflect these shifts as it became more inclusive and recognized the agency of both men and women in initiating romantic encounters.


Evolution in Communication Technology

With the advent of the internet and digital communication in the 1990s, the way people asked someone out started to undergo a transformation. Online dating platforms and social media provided new channels for initiating romantic connections. This technological advancement expanded the possibilities of 'asking someone out' beyond traditional face-to-face interactions, making it easier for people to connect and explore potential romantic interests.


Continued Relevance in Modern Dating

Today, the phrase 'ask someone out' remains a widely used term in the realm of dating and relationships. It has adapted to the modern dating landscape, which includes various approaches such as traditional in-person requests, online dating platforms, social media interactions, and even virtual dates. 'Asking someone out' continues to be an important initial step in the process of getting to know someone romantically, and it reflects the ever-changing dynamics of dating culture.

Did you know?

Did you know that while this day encourages asking someone out, it might also be the perfect opportunity for someone else to ask you out? Surprise, surprise! Keep your notifications on and your schedule flexible, you never know who might be gathering up their courage.


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