National Australia Day

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G'day, mates! Prepare to toss a shrimp on the barbie, throw back a pint of lager, and swap your favorite Crocodile Dundee quotes because today, we're talking about National Australia Day. This virtual trip Down Under is sure to leave you saying 'No worries, mate!'

When is Australia Day?

It's national australia day on the 21st January.

How Did National Australia Day Start Online?

National Australia Day was conceived in the vast, unpredictable realm of cyberspace, making its debut with a mere 2569 mentions online. It's fair dinkum how this day's popularity has taken the internet by storm! The landmark of its awareness, however, was on 21st January 2021 when the internet witnessed the most mentions of National Australia Day.

What's This Day All About, Anyway?

If you're wondering, 'What's the fuss about?' then hold on to your koalas! It's a day when the world, collectively, attempts to 'speak Australian', barbecue like a true Aussie, obsess about Vegemite sandwiches and dream about cuddling a Kangaroo.

The Quirks and Traditions

The day encourages numerous quintessential Aussie activities and is a celebration of their unique culture. It's the day you want to flaunt your knowledge about kangaroos, koalas, Steve Irwin, and the Great Barrier Reef online.

Join the Celebration

The best thing about National Australia Day is that you don’t have to be in Australia to celebrate it! The internet has provided a worldwide platform to partake in the festivities. It's the day to shout 'G'day, mate!' in your Zoom meetings, learn to play the Didgeridoo online, or even host a virtual surfing contest. The possibilities are as wide as the Outback!

History behind the term 'Australia'


Dutch Discovery

In 1606, the term 'Australia' was first recorded by the Dutch explorer Willem Janszoon. While sailing in the service of the Dutch East India Company, Janszoon reached the western coast of Cape York Peninsula. He named the unknown land 'New Holland,' which would later become a part of the continent we now call Australia.


Captain Cook's Arrival

In 1770, British explorer Captain James Cook became the first recorded European to land on the eastern coast of Australia. During his voyage on HMS Endeavour, Cook made extensive observations and charted the eastern coastline. He named the region 'New South Wales,' after the South Wales in Great Britain.


British Settlement

In 1788, the British established the first European settlement in Australia. This settlement, known as the penal colony of New South Wales, was primarily intended to solve the problem of overcrowded prisons in Britain. The colony later expanded, leading to the colonization of the continent by the British Empire.


Federated Nation

On January 1, 1901, the Commonwealth of Australia was established as a federated nation. Six separate colonies, including New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, and Tasmania, joined together to form the new nation of Australia. This step marked the beginning of Australia's independent identity as a nation.


Official Recognition

In 1986, the National Australia Day Committee declared January 26th as Australia's official national day. This date was chosen to commemorate the arrival of the First Fleet of British ships, led by Captain Cook, at Port Jackson in 1788. January 26th, now known as Australia Day, is celebrated annually across the country to honor the nation's history and achievements.

Did you know?

Australia is the only continent in the world which is governed as a single country. It's officially known as the Commonwealth of Australia!


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