National Bacon Day

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Let's talk not just about any ordinary crispy, mouthwateringly delicious rasher, but a day when the sizzle takes center stage. Yes, my food-loving friends, we're going whole hog into National Bacon Day! Puns intended, naturally.

When is Bacon Day?

It's national bacon day on the 30th December.

A Brief History of Bacon's Own Day

Based on the sheer number of online mentions, National Bacon Day has been devoured with enthusiasm by bacon lovers everywhere. With a gobsmacking 14,424 mentions, this taste bud-tantalizing day has been savored from breakfast nooks to evening snacks. The internet truly cooked up a storm on December 30th, 2016, marking the most sizzling celebration of everyone's favorite cured meat.

Why Bacon is Worth a National Day

Bacon has enjoyed a central spot at our food tables for centuries, and it's not hard to see why. It's the anticipation of that first crispy bite, the splutter of it cooking, the delight as the room fills with its heady aroma... it's no wonder there's a day set aside to celebrating this humble strip of happiness.

How to Celebrate National Bacon Day

Needless to say, indulge in all things bacon, from breakfast to dessert. You can also check out and participate in the many online bacon-themed games, quizzes, and challenges. Or, surely, we're not the only ones fantasizing about a bacon-themed party, with decorations as tantalizing as the aroma. Remember to wear your bacon-print tee!

But Wait, There's More...

It's not just about unashamedly salivating over crispy strips of love. National Bacon Day is about enjoying food, indulging a little bit, and making memories with loved ones around the bacon-dressed dinner table. Make the most out of this day, after all - everything's better with bacon, right?

Did you know?

There's an unofficial religion called 'Baconism' where bacon is viewed as a deity. We kid you not!


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