National Bangs Day

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Salute to the bangs, the unsung heroes of countless hairstyles, a humble yet striking feature that never cease to surprise us! Let's get to the root (quite literally) of the history of our beloved National Bangs Day.

When is Bangs Day?

It's national bangs day on the 7th January.

History of the Bangs Day

The day when we shower love on humanity's favorite face-framing tufts, the National Bangs Day, pops up on the internet annually with a whopping average mention of around 15894 times, peaking on 07 Jan 2017. After tirelessly sifting through the troves of digital archives, it appears that the internet just woke up one day with a burning desire to appreciate the sheer versatility of the bangs.

A Cut Above the Rest

From the iconic straight bangs of Cleopatra to the airy wisps of the 90s heartthrobs, bangs have been the silent vanguards of the style revolution. Rumor has it, ancient Romans were the first ones to rock the 'banging' look as a sign of nobility. They'd be doing cartwheels in their togas knowing we have a day dedicated to this fabulous trend!

Banging Myths

Despite the unwavering popularity, a common myth buzzing around is that one needs a certain face shape to wear the bangs. But here's a secret: Bangs are democratic! Just like democracy, bangs too embrace all shapes and sizes.

A Shout-out to the Bangs

So, whether you're rocking curtain bangs like a 70s diva or shaking that pixie fringe like the rebel you are, know that you're a part of a smashing lineage. On National Bangs Day, let's bid adieu to the hair stereotypes and prep those scissors to join the 'bangs'wagon.

Did you know?

Did you know the term 'bangs' originated from the 19th-century practice of 'banging off' horses' tails straight across for a more utilitarian purpose, which, funnily, then translated into human hairstyles!


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3rd January 2017

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7th January 2017

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