National Barack Obama Day

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What's that? National Barack Obama Day? Yes, it is a real thing, and folks across the internet have been taking their hats off (or should we say, unrolling their hope posters) to mark the occasion. This is the day the internet has taken to honor the 44th President of the United States, whose charm and charisma have left an unforgettable mark on the web.

When is Barack Obama Day?

It's national barack obama day on the 14th June.

How Did National Barack Obama Day Start?

There is a certain thrill to mysteries, isn't there? That's precisely what the origin of National Barack Obama Day is - an absolute mystery. Some suspect that it was spontaneously created by a group of Obama-supporting internet users, others claim it's devised by a mysterious cabal of social media enthusiasts. Regardless of the origin, the day is here, and it's growing in popularity each year.

The Rise in Talks?

Did you know that on June 14, 2020, the mention of National Barack Obama Day skyrocketed, hitting a record number of 2566 mentions? It seems this day has become some sort of a social media staple - think of it as a digital version of your grandma's traditional Sunday roast, but replacing the roast with cherry-picked highlights of Obama's presidency.

Why June 14?

The choice of June 14 does raise a few eyebrows, given that Obama's birthday falls on August 4. Worry not, internet theorists have you covered! There's no official explanation, but the rumour mill has it that June is chosen because it marks the month Obama clinched the Democratic nomination in 2008.

How To Celebrate?

So, what do people do on National Barack Obama Day? Anything from sharing their favorite Obama quotes to tweeting out their favorite Obama moments, appreciating his policies or simply reminiscing about his presidency. It's like an online Obama-themes potluck, every dish is welcome as long as it honors the man of the day.

Did you know?

In a pure coincidence or perhaps a clever twist of irony, June 14, which is celebrated online as National Barack Obama Day, also happens to be current President Donald Trump's birthday.


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