National Bat Appreciation Day

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If you've ever pondered the mysteries of the creatures of the night, you're in for a treat. Grab your night vision goggles folks, because this article is meant for batty forays into the world of our nocturnal comrades – the bats! Let's dive into the world of National Bat Appreciation Day, a day that's been winging its way around the internet.

When is Bat Appreciation Day?

It's national bat appreciation day on the 18th April.

Origins of the National Bat Appreciation Day

National Bat Appreciation Day rose to internet fame with a whopping 7267 mentions. April 18th, particularly in 2018, seems to be the day when everyone goes a little batty, and bats bask in the spotlight like the true rockstars they are.

Why Bats?

Beyond their gothic charm and Batman affiliations, bats are one of nature's best pest controllers. They're a bit like the night's custodians, flitting about vacuuming up pests.

Celebrating National Bat Appreciation Day

How does one celebrate this unique day, you may ask? Some people use this day to educate others about the importance of bats. Others set up bat houses in their backyards as safe havens for these misunderstood critters.

Little Bat-o'-Lanterns

Did you know that there are people who carve mini-bat pumpkins in honor of this day? It's both an artistic challenge and a way to salute these nocturnal superheroes.

In Conclusion

In a world that often fears the misunderstood, National Bat Appreciation Day stands as a beacon of understanding for these essential and unique creatures.

Did you know?

Did you know that bats are the only mammals capable of sustained flight? That's right! Squirrels and flying foxes can only glide for short distances.


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