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Surf's up, sun seekers! Have you ever wondered why we smack on sunscreen, flip on our flip flops and bolt to the beach every 30th of August, like seagulls to a dropped ice-cream cone? Well, it's officially because of National Beach Day! Drop that beach ball, pause that pursuit of the perfect sand castle, and let's learn a little more about this sandy day.

When is Beach Day?

It's national beach day on the 30th August.

A Brief History

The wave of National Beach Day popularity crashed onto the shores of the internet around the close of summer 2020. On that near legendary 30th August, mentions of National Beach Day swelled to an all-time high with 3364 mentions online, truly making a splash in the online celebration space. Surprisingly, no one seems to be sure about the origin of the day, making it as mysterious as the treasures hidden beneath sea foam.

Making Waves

Like a tidal wave, each 30th August, social media is flooded with fun beach photos and relaxing videos, each one making us yearn for the kiss of salt air and rhythm of lapping waves. It's a day for everyone to celebrate everything beaches offer us – from sandy sports, food picnics, relaxed sunbathing to just being in awe of the wonders of nature.

Remember, It is not Only About Flip-Flops and Frisbees

It's also crucial to flag that National Beach Day isn't just about beach balls and body surfing. It's a ripe opportunity to raise awareness about the protection and conservation of our precious beachfronts. Whether it's joining local clean-ups or simply vowing to leave no trace next time we hit the sands, we're sure the seahorses and starfish down there very much appreciate it.

History behind the term 'Beach'

600 AD

Beach in Middle English

The term 'beach' originated in the Middle English period around 600 AD. It was derived from the Old English word 'bæce' or 'bece,' which referred to the shoreline of a body of water, especially where the land met the sea or a lake. Beaches were commonly mentioned in early literature, describing them as areas of loose sand or pebbles along the coast.

16th Century

Expanding usage and exploration

During the 16th century, the usage of the term 'beach' expanded as European explorers began to sail across the globe. These explorations led to the discovery of various beaches and coastlines around the world. As a result, the term 'beach' became popularized and entered the vocabulary of many different cultures, languages, and regions.

19th Century

Rise of beach culture

In the 19th century, the concept of leisure and seaside recreation gained popularity, particularly among the upper class. The idea of spending time at the beach for relaxation and pleasure became a social trend. This cultural shift ushered in what is commonly known as 'beach culture,' shaping modern attitudes towards beach-related activities, such as sunbathing, swimming, picnicking, and beach sports.

20th Century

Beach tourism boom

The 20th century witnessed a significant boom in beach tourism. Improved transportation, the rise of the middle class, and the development of seaside resorts made beach vacations more accessible to a broader population. Popular beach destinations, such as Miami Beach, California's beaches, and various tropical islands, became synonymous with relaxation, entertainment, and escape from daily life. This led to the growth of beach tourism as a major industry worldwide.

21st Century

Beaches in modern culture

In the 21st century, beaches continue to hold great cultural significance. They are often associated with tropical paradise, romance, and natural beauty. The beach has also become a symbol of environmental preservation, as efforts are made to protect and conserve fragile coastal ecosystems. Furthermore, beach-related activities, like beach volleyball, surfing, and beach parties, have become globally recognized and celebrated, contributing to the overall allure and popularity of beach culture.

Did you know?

Did you know, sunscreen sold around the world increases dramatically before National Beach Day? So stock up before they run out! Don't leave your skin at the mercy of those rays!


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