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Ever felt the sudden surge of epic energy that makes you want to conquer the world? That's what we call 'Beastmode'. Welcome to the internet history of National Beastmode Day! A day that commemorates aggressive, energetic endeavors. Now, hold on to your seats as we dive into this untamed saga of high adrenaline and full-throttle living.

When is Beastmode Day?

It's national beastmode day on the 3rd October.

An Unleashed Celebration

Be ready as we delve into the enthralling world of National Beastmode Day! With 2977 mentions online and the most mentions on October 3rd, 2015, this fun-filled day has quickly become an internet sensation. National Beastmode Day is all about stepping out of your comfort zone, living life to its fullest and showing the world what you're really made of.

The Origin Story

While the exact origin is as elusive as Bigfoot, it's widely believed that the term 'Beastmode' grew popular within the world of fitness. It’s associated with the act of turning into an unstoppable force, pushing your limits in pursuit of achieving stellar results. There's no surprise the internet loved it.

Transforming the Internet Landscape

This beast-like vigor resonated with netizens. Soon, the internet started bustling with '#Beastmode' tagged posts from ardent fans sharing their stories of ambition and triumphant victories. Over time, it branched out from its fitness root, becoming a metaphor that stands for a mindset - a way of living that celebrates determination, defiance of odds, and overwhelming strength.

Celebrating National Beastmode Day

Celebration traditions are as diverse as the people it appeals to. Many join the community by posting inspiring stories, fitness stints, or personal feats under the hashtag '#Beastmode'. Some partake in workouts, while others indulge in creative pursuits, professional challenges, or even in outperforming personal records in hobbies. The point is to undertake something that demands the unchaining of your inner beast.

History behind the term 'Beastmode'


Marshawn Lynch's iconic run

The term 'beastmode' was popularized in 2009 when Marshawn Lynch, a professional American football player, made an incredible 67-yard touchdown run during a playoff game. As he broke several tackles, he displayed an unstoppable and aggressive running style, leading to the birth of the term 'beastmode.' This run became an iconic moment in sports history, sparking the imagination of fans and commentators alike.


Beast Quake and the seismic impact

In 2011, during a playoff game between the Seattle Seahawks and the New Orleans Saints, Marshawn Lynch replicated his beastly performance. He broke multiple tackles, showing his incredible strength and determination, and scored a touchdown on a 67-yard run once again. This play became known as the 'Beast Quake' and created such excitement among fans that the resulting celebrations caused a small earthquake, registering on nearby seismographs. The term 'beastmode' quickly gained popularity as an expression to describe extraordinary feats of athleticism and dominance.


Trademarking 'Beast Mode'

In 2014, Marshawn Lynch applied to trademark the term 'Beast Mode.' He aimed to protect his brand and merchandise related to his unique playing style and persona. This move further solidified the term 'beastmode' as synonymous with Lynch's aggressive and unstoppable approach on the football field.


Integration into wider culture

By 2015, 'beastmode' had transcended the realm of football and entered popular culture. The term began to be used in various contexts to describe individuals or actions that exhibited an intense, powerful, and relentless attitude. It became a way to embody determination, strength, and unyielding persistence in any field. 'Beastmode' became a part of everyday language, used not only by sports enthusiasts but also by people from diverse backgrounds to express their enthusiasm and dedication.

Did you know?

Did you know? The term 'Beastmode' was skyrocketed into the spotlight by Marshawn Lynch, a superstar NFL running back, known for his powerful and unstoppable style of play.


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