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Gather around, dear internet travelers, for a day that probably seems like it's made for the 'gram, but has deeper roots than you might think. National Beautiful Girls Day, the most photographed event since the invention of selfies. With 13102 mentions online, peaking on 24 May 2020, there's clearly a lot of love for the ladies out there!

When is Beautiful Girls Day?

It's national beautiful girls day on the 24th May.

A Brief history of National Beautiful Girls Day

It's hard to trace the birth of digital trends, but if the internet was a big tree, then National Beautiful Girls Day would be one of the most colourful leaves. The day is all about celebrating girls in all their graces and stages, from sweet babies to fierce women leading their lives. It's an opportunity to shower the women and girls in your life with love and appreciation - without any filters.

May 24 - A day for the girls

With a spike in mentions on May 24, 2020, it seems National Beautiful Girls Day found its true place in the sun. The day encourages Tagged photos flood social media feeds, filled with positivity and admiration. It acts as a communal reminder of the beauty in being oneself, and promotes acceptance and self-love.

Celebrating Beauty Inside and Out

While some might think it's all about the physical, National Beautiful Girls Day digs below the surface. While the abundance of stunning selfies certainly don't hurt, it's about acknowledging the beauty in strength, smarts, kindness, and all facets of being a girl that go beyond the mirror. And it includes everyone, just remember to tag your posts properly!

History behind the term 'Beautiful Girls'


Ziegfeld Follies showcases beautiful girls

In 1915, the Ziegfeld Follies, a series of lavish Broadway shows, became known for showcasing a chorus line of stunningly beautiful girls. These elaborate productions captivated audiences and set the stage for the term 'beautiful girls' to enter popular culture. The Ziegfeld Follies gave talented and glamorous women the opportunity to shine on stage and became synonymous with beauty and elegance.


The movie 'Three Smart Girls' popularizes the term

In 1932, the release of the movie 'Three Smart Girls' further popularized the term 'beautiful girls.' The film, which told the story of three charming and talented sisters, emphasized their physical attractiveness as a defining characteristic. Audiences swooned over the lead actresses and used the term 'beautiful girls' to describe both the characters and the actresses themselves. This film brought the term into the mainstream and solidified its place in popular culture.


The hit song 'Beautiful Girls' by Van Halen

In 1959, the rock band Van Halen released their hit song 'Beautiful Girls.' The song's lyrics celebrated the allure and magnetism of attractive women, further cementing the term 'beautiful girls' in the public consciousness. Van Halen's energetic and catchy track became a popular anthem, resonating with fans who appreciated both the musicality and the tribute to feminine beauty. The song's success contributed to the ongoing cultural prominence of the term.


The film 'Beautiful Girls' explores the complexities of beauty

In 2000, the release of the film 'Beautiful Girls' brought a more nuanced perspective to the term. The movie delved into the complexities of beauty and the varied experiences of women. It highlighted the challenges and insecurities faced by the characters, who were all seeking validation in different ways. 'Beautiful Girls' depicted beauty as both an admired trait and a source of personal struggle, prompting conversations about beauty standards and self-acceptance.

Did you know?

The term 'beautiful' is from the 14th century and offers a broad interpretation beyond outward beauty. It's meant to include admirable, favorable, or excellent, which is a perfect description for all of our beautiful girls on this special day!


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