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Grab your favourite mug of cocoa, sit back and rest your feet as we delve into the exceptionally delightful day that is 'National Ben Day'. Perhaps not a day you've marked on your calendar, but one that our investigative prowess has unravelled to the best of our abilities. Believe me, nailing jelly to a wall was definitely easier, but our story starts here.

When is Ben Day?

It's national ben day on the 2nd December.

Whether you're familiar with its significance or left scratching your head, National Ben Day is a unique day that showed up on our radar

Dec 2nd, 2015:<\/h2> with relative internet frenzy. The elusive National Ben Day, as you might have guessed, is centered around those special 'Bens' in our lives.

Whether they're your best friend, partner, pet, or even that favorite teddy bear aptly named Ben, this day is all about celebrating them. Lovers of the name Ben, typically pull out all the stops on this day, embracing it with open arms and shouting out to the rooftops; all hail King Ben!<\/p>

The Mystery Wraps Up:<\/h2>

Unfortunately, our merry gang of internet Sherlock Holmes' came up a tad short on providing a comprehensive history. We found little evidence pointing to an official origin, though we did detect 7 mentions on the wonderful, all-consuming internet vortex. With the highest number of mentions on December 2nd, we just may be onto something... horrible detective puns aside!<\/p>

How to celebrate:<\/h2>

While we can't provide an official decree, we have a few recommendations for all those eager participants. Share a slice of cake with your neighborhood Ben. Unleash that unabashed token of appreciation in the shape of a big bear hug. Or perhaps engage in a nostalgic 'Ben' movie night, featuring the classic 'Gentle Ben' or the creepy 'Ben' horror flick starring a rat – not for the faint-hearted, mind you!<\/p>

History behind the term 'Ben'

Old English period (circa 450-1100)

The birth of 'ben'

The term 'ben' originated during the Old English period, which spanned from around the 5th to the 11th century. 'Ben' was derived from the Old English word 'benn', meaning 'to pray' or 'to request'. While it initially referred to making a request or asking for something, 'ben' eventually evolved to encompass a broader range of meanings related to asking, blessing, and well-wishing. This period laid the foundation for the cultural significance of 'ben' in later years.

Middle English period (circa 1100-1500)

Expansion of 'ben's' meaning

During the Middle English period, which lasted from the 11th to the 15th century, the term 'ben' continued to develop and expand its meanings. It became closely associated with prayers and blessings, particularly in religious contexts. Additionally, 'ben' started to take on a more general sense of well-wishing, often used as a form of good wishes or a kind expression towards others. Its usage gradually spread beyond religious ceremonies and into everyday life, becoming a common part of the English language.

Modern English period (mid-16th century to present)

The evolution of 'ben' in modern times

In modern times, 'ben' has retained its core meanings related to prayers, blessings, and well-wishing. However, it has also acquired additional connotations and applications. For example, 'ben' can refer to a favor or kind act that one person does for another. It can also denote a positive quality or attribute possessed by someone. Over the centuries, 'ben' has become ingrained in various aspects of English culture and language, shaping expressions of goodwill, giving thanks, and offering blessings.

Did you know?

Did you know? The name Ben is derived from the Hebrew name Benjamin, meaning 'son of the right hand'. So, on National Ben Day, you're really celebrating all the 'right-hand' people in your life!


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2nd December 2015

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2nd December 2015

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