National Bereavement Day

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Ah, National Bereavement Day! While it may not sound like the most cheerful celebration, it's an important day to honor and remember our loved ones who have passed away. Let's dive into the history of this special day and explore how the internet has embraced its significance.

When is Bereavement Day?

It's national bereavement day on the 21st November.

History of National Bereavement Day:

Originating from deep emotions and a need for remembrance, National Bereavement Day emerged as a way to acknowledge the grief and loss experienced by individuals and their families. The internet played a significant role in spreading awareness and support for those who are going through the grieving process.

Online communities and support groups have thrived, connecting people from different corners of the world who share a common experience of loss. These platforms offer a space for individuals to share their stories, offer condolences, and find solace in knowing they are not alone.

Embracing Bereavement in the Digital Age:

The importance of discussing grief and bereavement cannot be understated. The internet has allowed us to openly address the topic, making it more accessible and providing resources to navigate the complexities of loss.

Social media platforms have become a virtual memorial, where people can share memories, photos, and stories of their loved ones. It has become a common practice to create online memorials or tribute pages, allowing friends and family to pay their respects, share condolences, and participate in a collective grieving process.

Did You Know?

In 2017, on National Bereavement Day, the most popular online discussions included heartwarming stories of how people have found comfort and support through online bereavement communities. It's amazing how the internet has brought people together during their time of need!

History behind the term 'Bereavement'


Origins in Old English

The term 'bereavement' originates from Old English, where it was spelled as 'bǣrofnis' or 'bǣrofnes'. It comes from the root words 'bǣr' meaning 'to bear' and 'ōfnis' or 'ofnes' meaning 'an event or state'. In the earliest usage, 'bereavement' referred to the act of bearing a loss or the state of being deprived of someone or something.


Shift towards Mourning

During the 17th century, the meaning of 'bereavement' expanded to include the emotional response to loss, particularly in the context of death. This shift reflected a growing recognition of grief and mourning as valid experiences deserving of acknowledgment and support. 'Bereavement' came to encompass not only the act of being deprived but also the associated feelings of sorrow and pain.


Widespread Adoption

In the 19th century, the term 'bereavement' gained widespread usage and acceptance, becoming an established part of the English language. It found its place in literature, medical texts, and personal correspondence, reinforcing its significance in acknowledging and understanding the human experience of loss. The recognition of 'bereavement' as a distinct concept paved the way for discussions on grief and the development of support systems for those mourning a loss.

20th century

Psychological Perspectives

During the 20th century, psychological theories and studies on grief and bereavement emerged, further deepening the understanding of the human response to loss. Concepts such as complicated grief, stages of mourning, and the importance of social support were explored. 'Bereavement' became a focal point of research and exploration, contributing to the development of therapeutic techniques and interventions for individuals experiencing grief.

Present Day

Compassionate Support

Today, 'bereavement' remains a crucial term in discussions surrounding loss and grief. It encompasses the complex emotional, psychological, and social impacts of losing someone or something significant. Recognizing the universal nature of bereavement, support systems and resources have been developed to provide compassionate care and comfort to those navigating the difficult journey of grief.

Did you know?

On National Bereavement Day, some individuals take part in 'Digital Detox' by disconnecting from social media to spend quality time reflecting and remembering their loved ones.


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