National Bestie Day

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Gather 'round, folks, for the heartwarming tale of a day that's all about the one you can count on, the one you can tell your deepest, darkest secrets to, the A-1, number 1, bestie in your life. Let's hear it for National Bestie Day!

When is Bestie Day?

It's national bestie day on the 8th June.

When Did National Bestie Day Begin?

As the diligent little techies we are, we scoured the internet for the inception of National Bestie Day. We clocked in a whopping 8095 mentions online; these best friendships are seriously worth celebrating, people. The first major mention of this day appeared on June 8, 2016, and since then, it's been a rollicking ride filled with friends, laughter, and a whole lot of fun.

The Meaning Behind National Bestie Day

This day isn't just about tagging your bestie in memes or flooding their phone with heart emojis (though we're sure they appreciate it). It's about acknowledging and celebrating those friendships that have pulled us through the toughest of times, those friends who motivate, inspire, and stick around, no matter what life throws at us. Anyone and everyone can celebrate National Bestie Day! Troublesome twosome, fun foursome, or single best friends, no one's left out.

How To Celebrate National Bestie Day

Hugs? Definitely! A movie marathon? Absolutely! Cooking a meal together? Sure thing! As long as you're both there, edifying and enjoying each other's company, it's a National Bestie Day well spent.

History behind the term 'Bestie'


Emergence of 'bestie' as a slang term

In 2002, the term 'bestie' gained popularity among teenagers and young adults as a slang term for a close friend. Derived from the word 'best,' it is used to describe someone who is more than just a regular friend, but rather a companion who is trusted, valued, and considered to be like a 'best' friend.


Spread of 'bestie' in popular culture

By 2009, 'bestie' had become a widely used term in popular culture. It was frequently seen in television shows, movies, and music, further cementing its place in contemporary language usage. The term's simplicity and relatability made it appealing to a broad audience, leading to its widespread adoption.


'Bestie' enters mainstream lexicon

In 2015, 'bestie' officially entered the mainstream lexicon and was added to various dictionaries. This recognition solidified its status as a legitimate and widely accepted term in English language usage. The inclusion of 'bestie' in dictionaries reflects its cultural impact and prevalence in everyday conversations.


'Bestie' in the era of social media

In the current era of social media, 'bestie' has gained even more prominence. It is commonly used as a term of endearment in online interactions, especially in comments and captions. The term has become closely associated with the expression of friendship on platforms like Instagram, where people often tag their closest friends as 'besties.' The digital age has further facilitated the viral spread and integration of 'bestie' into modern communication.

Did you know?

Did you know that some studies suggest that having a best friend can improve your physical health and even increase your lifespan? Besties provide emotional support and happiness, which can lead to lower blood pressure, stress relief and even longevity. So having a best friend is actually good for your health!


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