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Welcome to our ode to the drinkable delights of life! National Beverage Day, most notably peaking in cyber-celebration on the 6th of May, 2015, is a time to raise a glass, mug, cup or can in tribute to our favorite thirst-quenchers.

When is Beverage Day?

It's national beverage day on the 6th May.

Pop the Cap on the History of National Beverage Day

While the roots of National Beverage Day are a tad frothy, the day has been embraced by the internet community around the globe. The day offers an opportunity to sip back and appreciate our favorite beverages, from the humble water to the steamy coffee, the fizzy soda, or the energy-boosting smoothie.

The Splash Heard Around the Web on May 6, 2015

Although National Beverage Day has made waves online in recent years, there was a particular surge on the 6th of May, 2015, with a whopping 2951 mentions on this day. This spike could possibly be traced back to a seemingly innocent yet well-coordinated online campaign by beverage companies around the globe. Or perhaps, when the clock struck midnight, folks simply couldn't contain their enthusiasm for enjoying a beloved beverage and sharing their sips on social media.

How to 'Pour-take'

Whether you enjoy your preferred beverage solo or sharing with friends, National Beverage Day offers a fun, delightful way to celebrate a daily mundane activity. Try something new, explore international drinks or go local with craft brews or boutique wines. Here's to every annual reminder that no matter our differences, we all require a refreshing drink now and then!

History behind the term 'Beverage'

11th century

The Early Origins

The term 'beverage' can be traced back to the 11th century. It originates from the Old French word 'bevrage,' which means 'drink' or 'liquid for drinking.' During this time, beverages were mainly made from water, fermented grains, and herbs, often used for medicinal purposes.

14th century

The Rise of Alcoholic Beverages

In the 14th century, the term 'beverage' expanded its definition to include alcoholic drinks. With the introduction of distillation techniques, the production of spirits like brandy and whiskey became more widespread. Alcoholic beverages gained popularity and were consumed for pleasure and social purposes, playing a significant role in social bonding.

17th century

The Era of Coffee and Tea

During the 17th century, coffee and tea emerged as major beverages, leading to a shift in beverage culture. Coffeehouses became popular social gathering places, fostering intellectual discussions and the exchange of ideas. The term 'beverage' expanded to encompass these non-alcoholic drinks, which gained popularity and became an integral part of daily life in various cultures.

19th century

Industrialization and Modernization

The 19th century marked a significant period for the beverage industry. Industrialization brought forth advancements in manufacturing processes, allowing for the mass production, bottling, and distribution of beverages. This era witnessed the rise of soda fountains, carbonated beverages, and the invention of soft drinks. The term 'beverage' included a wide array of non-alcoholic drinks, catering to diverse taste preferences.

20th century

The Age of Convenience and Innovation

With the advent of technology and mass production techniques, the 20th century witnessed a proliferation of packaged beverages. Canned drinks, fruit juices, energy drinks, and ready-to-drink products gained immense popularity, providing convenient options for consumers on the go. The term 'beverage' expanded to include an extensive range of refreshing and energizing liquids, reflecting the diverse choices of consumers worldwide.

Did you know?

Did you know, the 'original' beverages are considered to be water and milk? Every other drink humans have crafted is a modification of these!


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