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Grab your beau, your sweetheart, your 'better half' or your partner-in-crime because National BF Day is here! An internet sensation (just like your cat videos), this day aims to celebrate all the boyfriends out there who keeps the spark alive.

When is Bf Day?

It's national bf day on the 4th October.

Origin of National BF Day

The Internet, being the breeding ground of trends and holidays, brought us National BF Day. Commemorative archived chats dating back to the early noughties suggest a celebration for boyfriends was due. This online shift towards celebratory acknowledgements escalated up until 2016 where we recorded the highest online mention of National BF Day on 4th October. For you history buffs, this coincides with other 'relationship' marked holidays creating a romantically charged atmosphere online.

How It's Celebrated

National BF Day is all about showing appreciation towards boyfriends around the globe. While it's a fun and entertaining day, it leaves room for heartfelt moments too. Celebrations range from surprising boyfriends with their favourite homemade meals, planning a virtual date-night for all the long-distance lovers out there, to a mesmerizing walk in the park reminiscing about the day you first met. In fact, some sports-fanatic girlfriends take the opportunity to immerse themselves in their partner's favorite sports game on this day! Now that's love.

Make It Memorable

As social media platforms become a hub for creative contents, snaps of fun filled day or an emotional caption showing your love become a beautiful way to capture the essence of this day. But remember, a meaningful face-to-face conversation beats an online post any day. After all, this day is not about 'virtual' points, it's about building 'real' points in your love life.

History behind the term 'Bf'


Emergence of 'bf' as shorthand for 'boyfriend'

In 1994, the term 'bf' started to emerge as a popular shorthand for 'boyfriend'. It was used primarily in computer-based communication, such as online chat rooms, email, and instant messaging. This abbreviation helped streamline conversations and save valuable typing time. Moreover, it became a way for people to refer to their romantic partners in a more casual and convenient manner.


Expansion of 'bf' to include 'best friend'

Around 2004, the meaning of 'bf' expanded to include 'best friend' in addition to 'boyfriend'. This shift allowed the term to be more inclusive, encompassing both romantic partners and close platonic relationships. 'Bf' became a versatile expression, providing a simple and relatable way to refer to someone with whom one shared a deep connection and bond.


Popularization of 'bf' through social media

With the rise of social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram in the late 2000s, the term 'bf' gained widespread popularity. People started using it in status updates, comments, and captions, often accompanied by an emoji or a hashtag. This digital dissemination contributed to the wider adoption and understanding of 'bf' as a popular abbreviation within the online community.


Continued usage and integration into everyday language

As the years went by, 'bf' became firmly ingrained in everyday language, especially among younger generations. It transcended its initial digital context and became part of spoken conversations as well. 'Bf' could be heard in casual chats, on TV shows, and in various forms of media. Its widespread use showcased how abbreviations and internet slang can permeate popular culture and even influence linguistic trends.

Did you know?

The highlight of National BF Day is usually a spurt in sales of men’s favorite items. But do you know that boyfriends report getting more 'experience' gifts (like surprise dates and adventures) than physical gifts on this day? Talk about creating memories.


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4th October 2016

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