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Remember the good old days of coasting down the road on your bicycle, feeling the wind in your hair and heart full of adventure? National Bike to School Day is our nostalgic ticket back to those days! With a noticeable online presence, it’s definitely a celebration on the upswing, with the most mentions in 2015. So, dust off your bike, put on your safety helmet, and let's revive that childhood joy!

When is Bike To School Day?

It's national bike to school day on the 6th May.

A Brief Ride Down Memory Lane

National Bike to School Day has the adorably wholesome goal of encouraging youngsters (and those young at heart!) to pedal their way to school. Thanks to our data shows a big peak in 2015, capturing 3239 mentions online, it looks like people all over are hopping on board with the trend!

Gearing Up For The Celebration

Imagine, instead of the usual mundane morning commute routines, children zooming past on bikes, waving cheerily at their still sleepy neighbors. It’s a sight to make even Monday mornings bearable, don’t you think? It certainly cut down on the dreaded morning carpool, too!

Beyond Just Fun And Fitness

But National Bike to School Day isn't just about getting those muscles moving and having a jolly good time. It’s also a fantastic way to instill healthy habits, contribute to cutting down pollution, and bring communities closer. Communities often organize group bike rides adding a side of socializing to the joy ride.

More Than Just A Day

While the event itself puts the spotlight on biking to school for one special day, it’s really about creating a culture of active transportation. The hope is that this national holiday will get a set of wheels turning in people’s minds: why not choose a healthier, more eco-friendly, and fun mode of transport everyday? And considering the event’s steadily popularity, it just might be working!

History behind the term 'Bike To School'


Invention of the Bicycle

In 1817, the first bicycle-like contraption was invented by Baron Karl Drais, a German civil servant. Known as the 'Draisine' or 'Dandy Horse,' it had two wheels and no pedals. Riders had to push themselves along with their feet on the ground, making it a precursor to modern bicycles.


Introduction of Pedals

In 1865, pedals were added to the front wheel of bicycles by Frenchman Pierre Michaux. This innovation allowed riders to propel themselves forward using a rotating motion of their feet. This marked a significant shift in cycling technology and made riding much easier and efficient.


First Bike Lanes in the US

The first dedicated bike lanes in the United States were created in New York City in 1890. These lanes were designated areas on city streets specifically for bicycle traffic. This development aimed to enhance safety for cyclists and encourage the use of bicycles for commuting and transportation.


The Rise of School Bicycling

By the 1950s, the popularity of bicycles had grown significantly, and more children started using them for transportation. With the growth of suburban areas and spread-out schools, many children began biking to school as a means of commuting. This trend was supported by the expanding bike infrastructure and the recognition of the health benefits associated with biking.


National Bike Month Launch

In 1970, the League of American Bicyclists introduced National Bike Month. This initiative aimed to promote bicycling as a mode of transportation and encourage more people, including students, to bike to school. National Bike Month, celebrated every May, became an opportunity to organize events, educate the public, and advocate for bike-friendly policies.


Bike to School Day

In 2006, the first National Bike to School Day was organized in the United States. This day, celebrated on the first Wednesday of May, encouraged students to bike to school as a way to promote physical activity, reduce traffic congestion, and raise awareness about the benefits of biking. Bike to School Day continues to be observed nationwide, with participation from schools, communities, and government agencies.

Did you know?

Fun fact alert! The highest bicycle parade ever recorded, according to Guinness World Records, included an impressive 2,416 participants! Can you imagine the bike-to-school crowd if we broke that record? That’s a traffic jam even motorists might love to see!


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