National Black Dog Day

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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, dog lovers of all ages! Gather around as we delve into the adorable and heartwarming tale of National Black Dog Day, a day unlike any other where we celebrate the ebony-furred canine companions that bring joy and love into our lives.

When is Black Dog Day?

It's national black dog day on the 1st October.

Story behind the National Black Dog Day

Our journey dates back to October 1, 2015, a day that the internet embraced with over 10114 mentions! National Black Dog Day emerged as a symbol of love for our jet-black fur babies, sparking discussions across the globe. But what led to this day you ask? Well, the answer lies in a not-so-funny phenomenon known as 'Black Dog Syndrome'. This refers to the unfortunate reality of black dogs often being the last choice when it comes to adoption, due to peculiar superstitions and misconceptions. Sad, right?

Celebrating National Black Dog Day

But hey, not all hope was lost. National Black Dog Day emerged as a champion, turning the tables and celebrating our carbon-colored canines. People post pictures of their beautiful black dogs, share their adoption stories, and outpour love and appreciation for these lovable pooches. The day raises awareness about the need for magnificent mutts and classy purebreds, all of them swathed in stunning onyx fur, to find loving homes.

Black is Beautiful

National Black Dog Day is more than just a day; it's a movement aimed at breaking stereotypes and spreading the message that 'Black is Beautiful', right down to our furry friends. From petite Poodles to grand Great Danes, every breed is celebrated, loved, and cherished on this special day.

History behind the term 'Black Dog'


The term 'black dog' is first used to describe depression.

In 1890, the term 'black dog' was used to describe depression for the first time. This was in a letter written by novelist and poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge, where he refers to his own depressive state as a 'black dog' that follows him everywhere. This metaphor caught on and became a commonly used expression for depression.


Winston Churchill popularizes the term 'black dog'.

In the 1920s, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill started using the term 'black dog' to describe his own struggles with depression. He often referred to his depression as a 'black dog' that plagued him. As Churchill was a figure of great influence and stature, his usage of the term helped popularize it and bring attention to the mental health condition it represents.


The term 'black dog' gains further recognition through a book.

In 1993, British author and journalist Matthew Johnstone released a book titled 'Living with a Black Dog: His Name Is Depression.' This book serves as a visual metaphor for depression by personifying it as a black dog. It became immensely popular and helped raise awareness about the experiences of those living with depression. The book's success further solidified the term 'black dog' in popular culture as a symbol for depression.


Black Dog Institute launches a mental health initiative.

In 2007, the Black Dog Institute, an Australian mental health organization, launched the 'Black Dog' mental health initiative. The initiative aimed to reduce the stigma associated with mental illnesses, primarily depression. By using the term 'black dog,' the institute connected to the established metaphor and created greater awareness about the importance of mental health support.

Did you know?

Did you know, black dogs are often portrayed as symbols of protection in folklore and mythology? In Ancient Egypt, for instance, a black dog symbolized the guardian of the afterlife.


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