National Book Day

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When you open a book, you don't just uncover a story, but a whole new world. It's as if you've found a hidden portal in your hands! But did you know that there's an official day for sweeping the dust off that old bookshelf and plunging into your favourite tales once more? Welcome to our feature on National Book Day!

When is Book Day?

It's national book day on the 3rd March.

The History of National Book Day

While a pen might be mightier than a sword, a book can embark you on a thousand adventures, teach you a million things, and change your life in ways uncountable. A day dedicated to celebrate such a potent weapon of enlightenment and entertainment, is indeed, well deserved! Through the annals of the internet, we discovered that National Book Day, deservedly, gathered significant attention, receiving a whopping 6303 mentions online! This surge was truly seen on March 03, 2016. That’s quite a horse race, but instead of watching horses, people were engrossed in their favourite paperbacks and hardcovers!

Celebrating National Book Day

So what can you do to celebrate National Book Day? We suggest trotting off to the nearest bookstore and getting lost among the tales there. Or, how about organizing a fun book swap party with your friends? It’s like a potluck, but instead of bringing food, everyone brings their favourite book. But hey, no harm in including some snacks, books and snacks make a great combo, you know!

Books: A Treasure Trove

A good book is the treasure chest of wisdom. When you read, you do not just turn paper pages; rather, you embark on an intellectual odyssey wherein you explore different perspectives and cultures. So this National Book Day, why not try something outside your usual genre? Maybe soak in some romance or an autobiography instead of science fiction, Who knows, you might just uncover another world that you love!

Did you know?

Did you know that the oldest known book is more than 2600 years old? The Etruscan Gold Book, uncovered in 1952, is made from 24-karat gold and is still readable today, despite being thousands of years old!


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