National Boyfriends Day

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Are your spoons at the ready? Brace yourself folks, there’s no escape from Oct 3rd, for it is officially, National Boyfriends Day! A day dedicated entirely to the men who make a difference in our lives, one hug at a time.

When is Boyfriends Day?

It's national boyfriends day on the 3rd October.

Kick-start to Boyfriendology

It's no secret that a lot of national holidays sprout from the depths of cyberspace. As it appears to be, National Boyfriends Day fits snugly into that category! Our digital elves dug up around 76,320 online mentions of this day, hamming it up on 3rd Oct 2020. Who knew being appreciated could be this well-documented?

The Unsung Heroes of Romance

From dutifully holding shopping bags, to being amateur bug exterminators, boyfriends often star in unsung roles. Let's not forget their commendable sportsmanship during heated debates about whether pineapple belongs on pizza. It’s about time these heroes get their day in the sun!

Participation For Dummies

Commence the celebrations uninhibited, in all forms imaginable. Write a heartfelt note, plan a movie night or take your sports-loving beau to a baseball game. For the food-oriented, tempt him with the scents of a home-cooked meal or a chocolaty dessert. Remember, it’s about appreciation, not property!

Behind the Scenes

Interestingly, there's no legislative ink backing National Boyfriends Day. It's an 'unofficial' holiday - kind of like that sweater grandma knit last fall. It's not on the calendar, but we wear it anyway because it makes us feel warm and fuzzy!

Did you know?

Did you know that 'Boyfriend and Girlfriend Day' existed long before 'Single's Day'? Now we know where companies got the idea to cater to the singles!


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