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Warm up those sibling rivalry buttons, because it's time to deep dive into the origin and online super-stardom of National Brother Day. A day to honor the goofballs, protectors, pranksters, and even partners-in-crime that we call brothers, this day zoomed across the digital platforms, making a peak appearance on May 24, 2017.

When is Brother Day?

It's national brother day on the 24th May.

A Sneak-Peek into National Brother Day's History

Now, National Brother Day doesn't grace our calendars the way Christmas or Valentine’s Day does, but it's quite the celeb on the internet. Its origin? A bit hush-hush! The creator? Shrouded in a mystery as thick as the pile of your brother's unwashed socks in the corner of his room. But it appears to be an offshoot of Siblings Day, established by Claudia Evart to honor her siblings who she lost early in life.

Celebrating Brotherly Love

As the day gained notoriety, people took it upon themselves to celebrate the 'brotherly love' in their own ways. Social media platforms were flooded with nostalgic family photos, funny anecdotes, and heartwarming tales of sibling awesomeness. The height of this internet love was on May 24, 2017, when a whopping 3726 mentions made it the virtual equivalent of a global brotherly group hug.

Wholesome Sibling Rivalry

Of course, it wouldn’t be a brother’s day without a dash of good-natured ribbing. So amidst the heartfelt tributes, prank wars and sibling rivalry stories were aplenty, fascinating users with their hilarious and sometimes absurd twists and turns.

The Impact of National Brother Day

Despite its unofficial status, the popularity of National Brother Day is undeniable. It has proven to be a social media phenomenon and a day of reconciliation for many, reminding us of the unique bond that exists between brothers, whether they are bound by blood or by choice. So mark your calendars, prepare for some good-natured banter, and let’s keep this tradition going with as much gusto as a brother's wrestling match!

History behind the term 'Brother'

Circa 8000 BCE

Early Kinship Bonds

The concept of brotherhood dates back to ancient times. In early human societies, kinship bonds were crucial for survival. Communities depended on the cooperation and support of family members. The term 'brother' originated from the Old English word 'broþor,' which derived from the Proto-Germanic word 'brothar.' At this stage, the term primarily referred to male siblings.

Circa 600 BCE

Sibling Relationships in Ancient Greece

In Ancient Greece, the concept of brotherhood extended beyond immediate family. The Greek word 'adelphos' was used for both biological brothers and close male friends. This practice emphasized the significance of strong bonds between comrades and companions, strengthening the concept of brotherhood as a symbol of solidarity and camaraderie.

Circa 400 BCE

Brotherhood in Roman Society

During the Roman Empire, the term 'frater' became prominent. The Romans valued brotherhood bonds, which formed the foundation of their tightly-knit society. Additionally, fraternities (collegia) emerged, where members shared similar interests, professions, or beliefs. These fraternities contributed to the growth and spread of brotherhood as a concept beyond familial relationships.

Late 14th Century CE

Religious Brotherhood

In the late 14th century, brotherhood gained religious connotations with the rise of various religious orders. Communities of monks formed brotherhoods as they shared a common commitment to spiritual pursuits. Notable examples include the Franciscan Order, Benedictine Order, and Dominican Order. These religious brotherhoods played a significant role in shaping medieval society and continued to emphasize the importance of communal support.

19th Century CE

Brotherhood in Social Movements

The term 'brotherhood' gained popularity during the 19th century when it became associated with various social movements. Movements like socialism, labor unions, and civil rights utilized brotherhood to foster a sense of unity among their constituents. By invoking the concept, these movements aimed to strengthen solidarity, promote equality, and fight against societal divisions.

20th Century CE

Brotherhood in Pop Culture

During the 20th century, brotherhood became a common theme in popular culture, particularly in literature, film, and music. Stories exploring the bond between brothers often resonated with audiences. For instance, the novel 'Of Mice and Men' by John Steinbeck and movies like 'The Blues Brothers' showcased the complexities and enduring power of brotherhood.

Did you know?

Did you know that the record for the most number of brothers in one family goes to the Krupa family of Ohio, USA? Yes, in 1999, they set a new standard in sibling revelry with a whopping 20 brothers!


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