National Brothers And Sisters Day

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Welcome comrades to the world of love, rivalry, pranks, and camaraderie - the exhilarating world of the Brother and Sister relationship. Mark the date in your calendar folks, 03 May is National Brothers and Sisters Day. Time to acknowledge your sibling's superpowers and maybe forgive them for their slightly annoying qualities.

When is Brothers And Sisters Day?

It's national brothers and sisters day on the 3rd May.

The Roots of Sibling Celebration

Buckle up as we take you down memory lane to the origination of National Brothers and Sisters Day. You see, it's just like the birth of twins - no one knows exactly when it started, but one thing we are certain about: the internet spat out a record 3605 mentions on this day in 2018. Our best guess? So many online 'attempts to get along' overloaded the servers!

A Day to Forgive and Forget

Sharing the last piece of pizza, playing video games, pulling hair, messing up the room, it's all part and parcel of growing up together. National Brothers & Sisters Day is all about celebrating these daily dramas. It's a day of reconciliation where even sworn enemies (i.e., siblings who have fought over a charger) are known to unite while reminiscing the past!

How to Celebrate

Your sibling has been your longest friend (or foe, you decide!). This day won't ask you for grand gestures or gifts. A heartfelt message, cherished memories, or even a goofy, shared smile can make this day special. If your sibling lives in a galaxy far, far away (or just a different town), a call will do the trick.

Mainstream Media Love!

Forget Game of Thrones. Real siblings know the battle for who controls the TV remote trumps any throne. However, the media world stood up and took note of the sibling love in 2018 when there were a record-breaking 3605 mentions of National Brothers and Sisters Day!

History behind the term 'Brothers And Sisters'

14th century

Sibling Terminology

The term 'brother' and 'sister' can be traced back to the 14th century when they were used to refer to siblings. In Old English, 'brother' derived from the Proto-Germanic word 'brothar,' while 'sister' came from the Proto-Germanic word 'swester.' These terms were commonly used to describe the familial bond between individuals who shared at least one parent.

17th century

Religious Siblings

During the 17th century, the term 'brothers and sisters' began to gain significance in religious contexts. In Christianity, believers were often referred to as 'brothers and sisters in Christ,' emphasizing the spiritual kinship among followers of the faith. This terminology highlighted the idea of a united family, where believers shared a common bond through their shared religious beliefs.

19th century

Social and Political Brotherhood

In the 19th century, the term 'brothers and sisters' took on a broader social and political connotation. It became a powerful metaphor for equality, unity, and the collective struggle for justice. Activist movements, such as the suffragettes, emphasized the notion of 'brothers and sisters' to advocate for gender equality, recognizing that both men and women should stand together in the fight for women's rights.

20th century

Civil Rights Era

During the 20th century, 'brothers and sisters' gained significant traction within the Civil Rights Movement. Leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. frequently used the phrase to foster a sense of togetherness among individuals fighting against racial discrimination. By referring to fellow activists as 'brothers and sisters,' they aimed to foster solidarity and emphasize the shared goals and aspirations for a more inclusive society.


Universal Brotherhood

Today, the term 'brothers and sisters' continues to hold a universal meaning beyond familial relationship or religious affiliation. It has become a symbol of inclusivity and unity, highlighting the shared humanity and interconnectedness of all individuals. The phrase is often used to promote empathy, respect, and understanding among diverse communities, fostering a global mindset of mutual support and kinship.

Did you know?

Did you know that Jonas Salk, the inventor of the polio vaccine, refused to patent it for his own profit? His reason? 'Would you patent the sun?'. Well, your sibling might be the sun in your life, but trust us, they come with expiration dates on Brothers and Sisters Day! (The fights, of course!)


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