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Hold onto your tweezers, folks! Join us as we dive into the wonderfully groomed world of National Brow Day. There’s more to this pretty impressive public holiday than meets the eye...or in this case, the brow!

When is Brow Day?

It's national brow day on the 2nd October.

A Brief Glance at National Brow Day

Did you know there was a whole day celebrating the two patches of hair living rent-free above your eyes? Yes, you've guessed it right, we're talking about brows! It seems there's a day for everything; even your eyebrows can't escape the holiday calendar!

When Brows Morphed into a Trend

According to our data, National Brow Day first started to trend heavily back on 2nd October 2017. During this period, thick, bold, and sharply shaped eyebrows were all the rage in beauty circles, and internet users eyebrows' shot way up at the prospect of an entire day dedicated to eyebrow appreciation.

Why Celebrate Brows?

Fedora hats might add an air of mystery, and a snazzy pair of glasses might boost your intellectual appearance, but it's eyebrows that are the key to conveying a raft of expressions, from abject horror at your spilled latte to surprise on finding an extra fry in your fast food bag.

How to Get Those Brows on Fleek

This special day is all about eyebrow love and pampering, but it doesn't mean you should panic and start plucking your brows into oblivion. This is the day for appreciating their natural shape and learning to fill in sparse areas with a quality brow pencil.

On a Serious Note

On the flip side, National Brow Day is also a subtle reminder of the hardships faced by individuals who've lost their eyebrows to chemo or alopecia. This day celebrates all brows, drawn, natural, or tattooed, and sheds light on the importance of catering beauty products to all needs.

History behind the term 'Brow'

Old English period (450-1100)

Origin from Old English

The term 'brow' finds its roots in Old English, where it was derived from the word 'brū', meaning 'eyebrow'. This word was commonly used to refer to the ridge of hair above the eye, which was considered an important facial feature during that time. Eyebrows were often seen as a symbol of beauty and served practical purposes, such as protecting the eyes from sweat and debris.

Middle English period (1100-1500)

Evolution in Middle English

During the Middle English period, the term 'brow' continued to be used to describe eyebrows. However, its usage also expanded to include the entire forehead and the area above the eyes. This broader definition added to the versatility of the word, allowing it to be employed in various contexts.

16th century

Metaphorical usage

In the 16th century, the term 'brow' started to be used metaphorically to signify the expression or state of the forehead and eyebrows. It came to represent emotions, attitudes, and mental states. For example, a furrowed brow might indicate anger or worry, while a raised brow could be a sign of surprise or skepticism. This metaphorical usage contributed to the development of idiomatic phrases and expressions involving 'brow'.

Modern times

Symbolic and figurative uses

In modern times, the term 'brow' has continued to evolve and is now used in a variety of symbolic and figurative ways. It can be found in phrases such as 'bead of sweat on the brow', 'raise an eyebrow', or 'knitting one's brow', all of which convey specific meanings or images. The term has become deeply ingrained in the English language and is an integral part of our everyday communication and expressions.

Did you know?

Did you know that the trend for thick, bold eyebrows was re-popularised by model Cara Delevingne? It's true, and since then the 'bushy brow look' has become a beauty standard!


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