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Sure! Grab your mimosa, slide into the kitchen, and flip those pancakes, because we are celebrating National Brunch Day, home to waffles that could make you drool and omelettes egging you on for more! What's not to love about this mid-morning feast that tells us it's completely okay to sleep in and still have 'breakfast' at noon? Let's dive in and get our knives and forks ready to dissect the tasty history of this delicious day.

When is Brunch Day?

It's national brunch day on the 14th March.

A Sizzle Down Brunch Memory Lane

Firstly, if you feel personally attacked about your love for sleeping in and late breakfasts, don't worry, there were 181 others who voiced their enthusiasm online. The day that echoed the loudest with 'pass the syrup, it's Brunch O'Clock', was March 14, 2016. Not surprising, because who wouldn't want their pi to be a piece of fluffy quiche!

Toast To the Most

Brunch, the beautiful union of breakfast and lunch, conveniently allows you to have pancakes AND burgers on the same plate (no judgements here). This wonderful culinary delight has been celebrated every year on March 14th. A day where the sizzling sounds of bacon send shivers down our spines and the sight of lightly toasted bread induces Pavlovian responses, National Brunch Day allows us all to enjoy food and friendship in a relaxed, weekend mode.

A 'Spoonful' of History

Funny enough, Brunch Day isn't as modern as Instagram foodie influencers would like us to believe! Nope, this delicious tradition has been around for quite some time. While the digital age has generously amplified its popularity (thanks, internet!), historical records show that lingering past breakfast hours while enjoying a spread of delectable dishes, has been a decadent ritual enjoyed across different cultures and periods.

Eggs-tra Brunch Trivia

Here's some fodder for your next brunch gathering: the term 'brunch' is said to have originated in Britain in the late 19th century, and was intended for folks who just couldn't be bothered to wake up early on Sundays. So next time, when someone is giving you the side-eye for your late Sunday breakfast, make them chew on this information!

History behind the term 'Brunch'


The Birth of Brunch

The term 'brunch' was coined in 1895 by British writer Guy Beringer in an article titled 'Brunch: A Plea.' Beringer proposed the idea of a relaxed and socially enjoyable meal that would be held between breakfast and lunch on Sundays. He suggested that brunch could be a great way to cure Saturday night excesses and allow people to sleep in on Sunday mornings.


Popularization in the United States

Brunch gained popularity in the United States during the 1930s. It became a fashionable meal among the wealthy and was often served at country clubs and hotels. Brunch was considered a symbol of leisure and sophistication, offering an opportunity for people to socialize and enjoy a combination of breakfast and lunch dishes.


Brunch Goes Mainstream

In the 1960s, brunch started to gain mainstream popularity and became a regular meal option in many restaurants and cafes. This shift was influenced by changing lifestyles and societal norms. Brunch became a favorite choice for families and friends gathering over the weekend, offering a casual and relaxed dining experience.


Brunch as a Weekend Ritual

During the 1980s, brunch solidified its position as a popular weekend ritual. It became a social and cultural phenomenon, particularly in urban areas. Brunch was no longer just a combination of breakfast and lunch; it became a distinct culinary experience with creative menu options, bottomless mimosas, and trendy brunch spots attracting crowds of brunch enthusiasts.


Brunch Culture and Evolution

Today, brunch has become deeply embedded in Western culture. It has expanded beyond traditional breakfast and lunch items, featuring a wide array of gourmet dishes, inventive cocktails, and themed brunch events. Brunch has also become a popular trend on social media, with brunch enthusiasts sharing their experiences and aesthetically pleasing brunch spreads. It continues to evolve, adapt, and reflect changing culinary preferences and dining trends.

Did you know?

Did you know that the word Brunch is a portmanteau – a blend of the words 'breakfast' and 'lunch'. So, technically you could be having brunner and no one should judge you!


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