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Welcome to, your go-to source for all things national day! Today, we're diving into the quirky celebration of National bs Day. Buckle up and get ready for an entertaining journey through the internet history of this hilarious day!

When is Bs Day?

It's national bs day on the 13th July.

The Birth of National bs Day

Imagine a day dedicated to all the nonsense, balderdash, and poppycock in the world. Well, that's exactly what National bs Day is all about! This wacky holiday originated from a popular online forum where people would share their most outlandish and fabricated stories. It quickly caught on like wildfire and became a day to embrace the art of sarcasm, exaggeration, and harmless pranks.

On July 13, 2016, the internet exploded with mentions of National bs Day. From humorous memes to tongue-in-cheek social media posts, millions joined in the festivities, amusing their friends and loved ones with tales that were too good to be true.

Celebrating National bs Day

When it comes to celebrating National bs Day, there are no rules... except, of course, to tell outrageously bogus stories! Let your imagination run wild and come up with the most ludicrous tales you can think of. Whether it's claiming to have discovered a unicorn in your backyard or insisting you once won a hot dog eating contest against a professional competitive eater, National bs Day is your chance to unleash your inner prankster and bring a smile to everyone's face.


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History behind the term 'Bs'


The birth of 'bullshit'

The term 'bullshit' is believed to have originated in 1768 as a noun meaning exaggerated or nonsensical talk or writing. It was derived from the combination of the word 'bull' (meaning 'nonsense') and the word 'shit' (meaning 'excrement'). The term 'bullshit' gained popularity over the years and became a widely recognized term for empty and untruthful statements.


The birth of 'BS'

The abbreviation 'BS' for 'bullshit' came into use around 1915. It was a slang term primarily used in informal conversations and writing. The abbreviation 'BS' allowed people to refer to 'bullshit' in a more concise and less offensive manner. It became a common way to express disbelief or to dismiss something as false or unimportant.


'BS' enters mainstream usage

During the 1960s, 'BS' started to gain significant popularity and entered mainstream usage. This was a time of cultural and social change, and the term 'BS' became a catch-all phrase to criticize and question societal norms, institutions, and political rhetoric. It was often used as a tool to challenge authority and to express skepticism.


'BS' synonymous with deception

In the 1970s, 'BS' evolved to be synonymous with deception and dishonesty. It was frequently used to describe situations, claims, or actions that were perceived as being misleading, insincere, or manipulative. 'BS' became a powerful term to call out deceptive practices and to express frustration or disbelief at false advertising or political promises.

Modern era

'BS' in everyday language

In the modern era, 'BS' has become deeply ingrained in everyday language. It is used across various contexts, including casual conversations, social media, and even professional settings. 'BS' is recognized as a versatile term that captures the essence of dishonesty, nonsense, and flattery, allowing people to succinctly express their skepticism or disbelief.

Did you know?

Did you know that National bs Day is often considered the unofficial holiday of mischievous trolls and masterful storytellers alike? Embrace the day and let your creativity soar as you entertain others with your imaginative tales!


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