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Did you know that a beefy sensation sweeps the nation every year at the mere mention of National Burger Day? With 2081 mentions online, August 29, 2015, nearly fried the servers with all the sizzling excitement!

When is Burger Burger Day?

It's national burger burger day on the 29th August.

A Taste of History

The humble hamburger has a juicy, flavorful history that sends us on a global tour before it found its way into our hearts and stomachs on National Burger Day. While the Germans get credit for the Hamburg Steak, the American style hamburger that we know and love, topped with lettuce, tomato, and a slew of condiments was the innovation of many a late-night diner cook looking to satiate their hard-working patrons. These loyal customers would then take this delicious innovation across the states, from the heart of New York to the sunny side of California, making the burger a national love affair.

So, why August 29?

Well, the mouthwatering day got the most mentions on 29th August 2015, as the wave of burger love rose to a crescendo, gathering more mentions than at any other point in history. It's not a coincidence, as August is traditionally the height of the BBQ season where patties are routinely flipped to perfection.

Celebrating the National Burger Day

How does one celebrate National Burger Day? Any way that involves a burger, of course! Indulging in a classic beef burger is a tried and tested way to honor the day. But don't limit yourself! Mushroom burgers, tofu burgers, and even pineapple burgers (yes, it's a thing) have joined the party, making the National Burger Day a true testament to culinary creativity.

History behind the term 'Burger Burger'


The Birth of the Hamburger

In 1921, the term 'burger' was coined when the first hamburger was created. The hamburger patty, made from ground beef, was cooked and served between two slices of bread. It quickly gained popularity due to its delicious taste and convenient handheld form. The term 'burger' became synonymous with this delectable creation.


The Advent of the Cheeseburger

In 1937, the cheeseburger was introduced, revolutionizing the burger world. The addition of a slice of cheese on top of the patty elevated the flavor and added a satisfying gooeyness to the overall experience. The term 'burger' expanded to include the cheeseburger, solidifying its place as a beloved food item.


The Fast Food Boom

The 1940s witnessed the rise of fast-food restaurants, propelling the popularity of burgers to new heights. Chains like McDonald's started serving hamburgers and cheeseburgers to a mass audience, making them easily accessible to people across the country. The term 'burger' became a symbol of convenience and the American fast-food culture.


The Veggie Burger Emerges

In 1967, the concept of the veggie burger was introduced. As a response to the growing vegetarian movement, this meatless alternative aimed to capture the essence of a burger using plant-based ingredients. The term 'burger' expanded to encompass both traditional meat-based burgers and their vegetarian counterparts.


The Gourmet Burger Trend

In the early 2000s, the gourmet burger trend gained momentum. Restaurants began experimenting with new and unique flavor combinations, using high-quality ingredients to create premium burgers. The term 'burger' embraced this shift towards culinary exploration and the elevation of the humble patty to a gourmet level.

Did you know?

Did you know burger buns were first introduced so that people could enjoy their burgers on the go? A busy New Yorker didn't always have time to lounge in a diner!


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