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Get ready, grease lovers! Today, we're going to dive into the juicy and delicious history of National Burger Day, a day that brings joy, shiny chins and maybe a few extra pounds to burger enthusiasts all over the world. The mention of 'National Burger Day' has made quite the sizzling impact online; we've detected a whopping total of 53155 mentions of this delectable day. Keeping things fun and light-hearted, let's dive into the meaty details, buns and all!

When is Burger Day?

It's national burger day on the 28th May.

A Look Back at National Burger Day

Forget diamonds, we believe that a well-made burger is truly a person's best friend. National Burger Day first flipped into our hearts and onto our feeds in 2015, with mentions peaking on 28th May, making that day, without any shred of doubt, the juiciest day of the calendar year.

A Sizzling Online Impact

This savory spectacle caused quite the stir online with burger enthusiasts globally firing up their grills, posting mouth-watering plates on their social media accounts and honoring this humble, yet delicious creation. With restaurants and fast-food chains joining in with special offers and tantalizing new recipes, one could say, the internet was truly 'burger-ed' on this day.

The Universal Love for Burgers

Burgers are a universal love language – a fine blend of crispy lettuce, juicy tomatoes, a chargrilled patty, and fluffy buns. If there's a day to forget your diet and give in to the mouth-watering burger craze, it would be National Burger Day. Every year, foodies and casual burger munchers alike eagerly wait for this day to roll around to stuff their faces with the sheer genius that is the burger.

History behind the term 'Burger'


The Invention of the Hamburger Steak

The term 'burger' originates from the 19th century when ground beef gained popularity in the United States. In 1885, a cook named Fletcher Davis from Athens, Texas served a 'hamburger steak' sandwich to local customers during the annual county fair. The patty was made from ground beef mixed with onions and seasoning, and it was served between two slices of bread. This was the debut of the burger as we know it today.


Introduction at the St. Louis World's Fair

The next significant step in the evolution of the term 'burger' happened in 1904 at the St. Louis World's Fair. The Fletcher Davis-style hamburger steak sandwich gained popularity when it was served by various vendors at the fair. People from different regions experienced this delicious creation, sparking further interest in the burger.


The Birth of the Hamburger Bun

In 1921, at the Union Stockyards in Chicago, a young fry cook named Lionel Sternberger had an idea that revolutionized the burger. He decided to serve the hamburger steak on a toasted bun for the first time, giving birth to the modern burger. This simple modification made the burger easier to eat and introduced the concept of a portable, handheld meal.


First Fast Food Chain to Use 'Burger'

White Castle, the first-ever fast food chain, played a crucial role in popularizing the term 'burger.' In 1937, they named their signature slider-style hamburger 'the burger' on their menu. This move solidified the association of the word 'burger' with the delicious patty-based creation, further ingraining it in the public consciousness.


The Rise of the Burger Chains

The 1950s witnessed the explosive growth of burger chains, with the emergence of iconic brands like McDonald's and Burger King. These chains added the term 'burger' to their names, directly associating it with their core product. The expansion and ubiquity of these chains solidified the burger's position as an American culinary icon.

Did you know?

Did you know that National Burger Day comes right before National Brisk-Walking Day? A clever way to burn off all those juicy burger calories, don’t you think?


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