National Burpee Day

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Knock knock. Who’s there? It’s you, falling to the floor with joy, because guess what day it is? That’s right, it’s National Burpee Day! A day where we celebrate a workout that makes us want to fall flat on our faces, crawl in the mud, and then heroically leap into the sky, only to do it all again. Are you ready for it? Of course, you are!

When is Burpee Day?

It's national burpee day on the 12th October.

A Brief History of National Burpee Day

Here's a gift that keeps on giving, whether you like it or not! National Burpee Day, a day second only to waking up on Christmas morning for gym rats, was detected having 49 online mentions, the highest of which were observed on an unsuspecting 12th October, 2019.

Burpee? More like Bur-please!

What could be more fun than a little sweat, a little panting and a reflection of sheer determination in your workout mirror? To be able to stand, I mean, lie on the frontlines of this honorably grueling day, you need to understand what burpees are. They are a full-body workout that has you doing a push-up, followed by a leap into the sky. Sounds simple? Not so much! But it is a lot of fun.

Why Celebrate National Burpee Day

The beauty of National Burpee Day lies in its simplicity. Burpees make you stronger and more resilient, teaching you to rise again after falling. And believe me, there's nothing like the feeling of sweating out yesterday's indulgences and revving up for tomorrow's. So, get ready to sweat on this day, my fitness-fanatic friends. And don’t forget to hydrate!

Suggestions for The Celebration

Here's a tip for celebrating National burpee Day: start slow, maybe with just a few burpees in the morning. You could also challenge your family, friends or co-workers. They'll either love you, or hate you. Or maybe both, at the same time! But remember, celebrating this day is all about having fun and feeling good. So don't push too hard, and most importantly, enjoy your burpees!

History behind the term 'Burpee'


The Birth of the Burpee

The term 'burpee' was coined in 1930 by American physiologist Royal H. Burpee. He created the burpee exercise as a simple 4-count full-body exercise designed to assess overall fitness levels. The exercise involves a combination of a squat, a push-up, and a jump, effectively engaging multiple muscle groups. Since its inception, the burpee exercise has become a staple in fitness routines worldwide.


Widespread Adoption in Fitness Training

During the 1940s, the burpee gained popularity within military training programs. Its effectiveness in improving cardiovascular endurance and full-body strength made it a valuable exercise for soldiers. The military's endorsement of the burpee contributed to its recognition and adoption in the broader fitness community.


Burpee as a Conditioning Exercise

In the 1950s, the burpee began to be utilized as a conditioning exercise by athletes, particularly in sports such as track and field, football, and wrestling. Its ability to simulate various movements performed during athletic competitions made it a valuable training tool. The burpee's versatility and effectiveness in developing muscular endurance further solidified its place in athletic training protocols.


Rise of the Burpee in Popular Culture

In the 2010s, the burpee experienced a surge in popularity through the rise of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and its incorporation into popular fitness programs like CrossFit. The burpee's inclusion in these intense workout routines helped to popularize it as a challenging exercise that pushed individuals to their limits. It also gained attention through various fitness challenges and social media trends, further solidifying its place as a well-known exercise in popular culture.

Did you know?

Did you know, the burpee was invented by Royal H. Burpee, an American psychologist, as a way to assess physical fitness? Turns out, we've been grunting in honor of a psychologist!


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