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Internet history is full of delightful and quirky national days that celebrate all sorts of things, and the one we're looking at today is the oddly intriguing National Bust A Nut Day. Now, before we jump to any conclusions, let's all take a breath, a cup of coffee, and shift our thoughts to a wholesome context, because that's what we do here at!

When is Bust A Nut Day?

It's national bust a nut day on the 8th August.

What’s all the fuzz about, you ask?

Well, friends, National Bust A Nut Day is indeed an internet phenomenon and it has nothing to do with what you might initially think. This day, popularized on August 8, 2015, encourages the time-honoured, and absolutely wholesome, tradition of cracking open a nut! Yup, you read that right.

Whether it's an almond, walnut, pecan, or macadamia, it's all about celebrating the cracking open of these nutritious treats. With 16 documented mentions, it seems there’s a small but dedicated community of nut connoisseurs out there!

The Wholesome Nutty Fun

Why nuts, you may wonder? Well, aside from the pun-filled fun (let's be honest, who doesn't love a cheeky pun or two?), nuts are actually healthy snacks that have a high nutritional value, providing essential fats, proteins, and minerals. Breaking down that hard shell to get to the goodness inside can be strangely satisfying, and it is this simple, nut-cracking pleasure that National Bust A Nut Day celebrates!

Join in the Nutty Fun

So how can you participate in National Bust A Nut Day? It's easy! Spend the day trying out various kinds of nuts - perhaps even try some you've never tasted before, roast a few, bake with them, or simply munch on them throughout the day. Who knows? You might just discover your new favourite snack.

History behind the term 'Bust A Nut'


The emergence of 'bust a nut' in mechanic jargon

In the early 1900s, the term 'bust a nut' originated in mechanics jargon. It referred to the act of using physical force or tools to loosen or remove a tightly screwed nut. This slang term gained popularity among mechanics and workers in factories, as it captured the physical effort required to perform a difficult task.


Expanding to metaphorical use in popular culture

By the 1920s, 'bust a nut' had expanded beyond its original mechanic context and started being used metaphorically in popular culture. It became a euphemism for applying intense effort or determination to achieve a goal. This metaphorical usage conveyed the idea of exerting oneself to the point of extreme effort or strain.


Sexual innuendo enters mainstream usage

During the 1980s, 'bust a nut' gained notoriety for its sexual innuendo, predominantly within rap and hip-hop music. In this context, 'bust a nut' referred to the act of male ejaculation. While the term had previously had a more innocent connotation, this sexualized meaning became more prevalent in mainstream usage, particularly in explicit lyrics and adult conversations.


Common slang for orgasm or extreme effort

Today, 'bust a nut' has become a widely recognized slang phrase that can be used in two main contexts. Firstly, it remains a somewhat explicit term used to describe male ejaculation. Secondly, it is also used more generally to imply exerting maximum effort, going to extremes, or experiencing intense emotions. The phrase often appears in casual conversations, music lyrics, and popular culture as a means to express various degrees of intensity.

Did you know?

Did you know there’s a nut called the 'Monkey Nut'? It's another name for a peanut, which interestingly, is not a nut but a legume!


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