National Canadian Film Day

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Oh, Canada! Gather your popcorn and grab a seat, because we are celebrating National Canadian Film Day. A day that's dedicated not just to regular films, but films that are as Canadian as Poutine and Ice Hockey. Get ready to explore the magic of Canadian cinematography.

When is Canadian Film Day?

It's national canadian film day on the 19th April.

History of National Canadian Film Day

Turns out, Canadians are not just about maple syrup, moose, Mounties, and ice hockey. They also have a rich film history which they celebrate, rightfully so, on National Canadian Film Day. This day, first celebrated in 2014, aims at appreciating Canadian films and the talent behind them.

How National Canadian Film Day made its Internet Fame

Like an undervalued thespian making their big break on the grand stage, National Canadian Film Day made its internet fame on April 19th, 2017. Almost like a silver-screen Hollywood story, our online data seems to have caught 10,000 mentions of the day across the world wide web at this time. Talk about your name in lights!

Celebrating National Canadian Film Day

How does one celebrate this day, you ask? Well, if being a couch potato is your thing, then this is your day! Cozy up in your favorite blanket, pop some popcorn and bite into those BeaverTails while binge-watching Canadian classics. Yes, it's okay to speak in a Canadian accent all day. After all, it's all about having fun, eh?

History behind the term 'Canadian Film'


The Birth of Canadian Cinema

In 1896, Canadian cinema was born with the screening of the first motion picture ever shown in Canada. This screening took place in Ottawa, Ontario, and was organized by Thomas Edison's film representative, James Frezenberg. The film shown was a collection of short films, including popular works by the Lumière brothers. This event marked the beginning of a new era for Canadian film and laid the foundation for its future growth and development.


The Birth of the First Canadian Film Studio

In 1911, the first Canadian film studio, known as the Canadian Bioscope Company, was established in Montreal, Quebec. This studio played a significant role in the growth of Canadian cinema by producing a range of films, including documentary-style films and narrative features. The establishment of a dedicated film studio provided a platform for Canadian filmmakers to showcase their talents and produce films that reflected Canadian culture and identity.


The Birth of the National Film Board of Canada

In 1967, the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) was created. The NFB played a crucial role in promoting and supporting Canadian cinema. It funded and produced numerous award-winning documentaries, animation, and fiction films that explored various aspects of Canadian society, culture, and history. The NFB became a creative hub for Canadian filmmakers, encouraging experimentation and pushing boundaries in filmmaking techniques and storytelling.


The Rise of the Canadian Film Production Tax Credit

In 1974, the Canadian government introduced the Canadian Film Production Tax Credit (CFPTC) to encourage the growth of the Canadian film industry. The CFPTC provided tax incentives and financial support to Canadian film producers, attracting both domestic and international filmmakers to shoot their productions in Canada. This initiative significantly boosted the production of Canadian films and contributed to the development of a vibrant and diverse Canadian film industry.


Celebrating Canadian Cinema with the Genie Awards

In 1989, the Canadian Academy of Cinema and Television introduced the Genie Awards, which honored excellence in Canadian cinema. The Genie Awards became an annual celebration of Canadian filmmaking, recognizing outstanding achievements in various categories, including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actor/Actress. The establishment of the Genie Awards played a pivotal role in promoting and recognizing the talent and creativity of Canadian filmmakers on a national and international level.


Achieving Global Recognition with Academy Award Success

In 2013, the Canadian film industry achieved significant global recognition when the film 'Monsieur Lazhar' received an Academy Award nomination in the Best Foreign Language Film category. This nomination highlighted the quality and artistic merit of Canadian films and placed Canadian cinema on the international stage. Since then, many Canadian films have garnered critical acclaim and received nominations and awards at prestigious international film festivals, solidifying Canada's position as a key player in the global film industry.

Did you know?

Did you know that the Canadian Film Day was initially launched in 2014? In its inaugural year, more than 70,000 film-loving folks participated in events across Canada!


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