National Caramel Day

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Did you ever wake up one day and just crave something sticky, sweet, and deliciously golden? Well, if you did, it might have been on April 5th, which officially marks National Caramel Day! Go ahead, let your taste buds drown in the luscious, buttery-life goodness that is caramel.

When is Caramel Day?

It's national caramel day on the 5th April.

A Sweet Origin Story

Legend tells us caramel was first discovered by some overzealous candy makers in 1650. By overcooking sugar, they invented one of the most versatile sweets known to man. Or, maybe it was a case of 'I accidentally left my sugar on the fire' kind of situations. But as they say, some of the best things in life were born out of accidents!

Internet's Caramel Love Affair

According to our data, National Caramel Day started gaining traction on the internet around 2016, with the number of online mentions around the day skyrocketing at 3806 on April 5th, 2016. From Tweets indulging in the brown, sticky delight to Instagram posts overflowing with caramel laden pastries, it's safe to say caramel created quite a 'stir' online!

Celebrate with Caramel

Now, how do you celebrate National Caramel Day, you ask? Well, it could be as simple as enjoying a caramel latte with your breakfast or bringing a box of caramel chocolates to work. Or, if you're feeling particularly adventurous, spend the day in your kitchen, trying out caramel recipes that will make your friends and family clamor for more. Homemade caramels, caramel apples, caramel macchiato... the possibilities are endless!

Did you know?

Did you know that the word 'caramel' originally referred to a kind of sweet made from sugar cane? Its brought to us by our Spanish friends from the word 'caramelo', which means 'cane sugar'! Now that's a sweet piece of trivia for you.


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