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Have you ever pondered upon the magic behind the name Caroline? Then welcome! Our special day was designed to wrap you in the joy of celebrating all Carolines across the world. It's an open secret that Carolines possess a unique type of magic and now we have an entire day dedicated to celebrating this name and all the wonderful Carolines out there. 13 September 2020 was the day we snagged the most mentions of the National Caroline Day online, sparking a worldwide trend!

When is Caroline Day?

It's national caroline day on the 13th September.

Welcome to National Caroline Day!

The name 'Caroline' comes with a certain mystique, a charm that only a Caroline can truly understand. National Caroline Day, while a relatively new day on our annual calendars, is quickly cementing itself as a special beacon of celebration for all Carolines and those who love them.

The Legacy of the Name

'Caroline' is a classic name, one that personifies grace and elegance. The name has roots in many different cultures and has been shared by numerous inspirational women throughout history. From Queen Caroline of Ansbach to popular American children's author Caroline B. Cooney, the name's legacy is long and diverse.

The Big Day

On National Caroline Day, we go above and beyond to make the Carolines of the world feel cherished. From social media shout-outs to special events (even in the world of lockdown birthdays!), every Caroline should feel celebrated. While this celebration is still a newcomer in the world of national days, the excitement and joy it brings are unmatched.

History behind the term 'Caroline'


The Rise of the Name

In the 1700s, the term 'caroline' began to gain popularity as a feminine name. It is believed to have originated from the Latin name Carolus, meaning 'strong' or 'man'. With its elegant sound and regal association, 'caroline' quickly became a popular choice for naming girls across different cultures.


The Influence of Royalty

During the 1800s, the name 'caroline' further surged in popularity due to its association with European royalty. Princess Caroline of Brunswick, who later became the Queen Consort of King George IV of the United Kingdom, played a significant role in popularizing the name. Her extraordinary life and influence in Europe drew attention to the name 'caroline' and made it even more beloved.


Cultural Spread and Variations

In the 1900s, the name 'caroline' continued to spread across different cultures, leading to the emergence of variations in spelling and pronunciation. In French, the name evolved into 'Caroline,' maintaining its elegance and charm. In other cultures, variations like 'Karolina,' 'Carolyn,' and 'Carolina' became popular choices. Each variation carried a unique cultural flavor while preserving the essence of the original name.


Modern Usage and Pop Culture References

In recent times, the name 'caroline' remains a beloved choice for parents around the world. It has found its place in pop culture, with notable mentions in songs, books, and movies. 'Sweet Caroline,' a popular song by Neil Diamond, has become an anthem associated with the name 'caroline' and has further contributed to its cultural prominence. The name's timeless appeal and cultural references continue to make it a favorite among individuals seeking a classic and sophisticated name for their daughters.

Did you know?

Did you know? 'Caroline' originated from the free man's world and is also the feminine form of 'Charles', so every time you celebrate a Caroline you are celebrating a royal free spirit!


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