National Chair Day

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Hello folks! Put your hands together (or rather, sit them down on your favourite resting spot because it's National Chair Day! An unsung hero of our everyday life, the humble chair, gets its day in the sun. Who'd have suspected that this is a thing? Well, it is, and it's as comfy as your favorite recliner!

When is Chair Day?

It's national chair day on the 24th October.

A Brief History of Chairish Love

Even though National Chair Day may not date back to ancient Rome (more's the pity), the online hype around it suggests we've started to appreciate these unassuming pieces of furniture. Our website has picked up on 4 mentions of this rather eccentric celebration, with the most activity registered on October 24th last year, so maybe this is the day to celebrate?! Well, grab a latte, sit back in your favorite chair, and let's dive into the amusing world of National Chair Day.

Sitting Pretty

Chairs, as we know, are more than just inanimate objects; they're trusted companions that cradle us after a long, tiring day and offer a comfy corner to curl up with a book. Think about it - where would we be without chairs? Rolling around on the floor, most likely. And don't even get us started on musical chairs!

Rest Your Posterior and Rejoice!

So, how to celebrate National Chair Day? Well, start with a grand appreciate-your-chair moment! Maybe throw in a little pat for its unwavering support. Post a picture of your favorite toushy-cosseter on social media. Don't forget to use the hashtag #NationalChairDay. Or why not get particularly zany and have a chair party? Invite your friends to bring their favorite chairs and make them vie for the title of ‘Best Chair in Show’.

History behind the term 'Chair'

3000 BCE

Ancient Egyptian Thrones

The concept of the chair can be traced back to ancient civilizations. In ancient Egypt around 3000 BCE, high-ranking individuals, including pharaohs, were seated on ornate thrones made from wood or ivory. These thrones often featured intricate carvings and were seen as symbols of power and authority.

5th Century BCE

Greek Klismos Chairs

Ancient Greeks introduced a new type of chair called the klismos chair around the 5th century BCE. The klismos chair had a curved backrest and slender, splayed legs. Its elegant design and ergonomic shape made it popular among the elite of Greek society. This style influenced chair designs for centuries to come.

16th Century

Renaissance Chairs

During the Renaissance period, chairs underwent a significant transformation in Europe. Furniture craftsmen focused on intricate detailing and luxurious materials. Chairs became more comfortable with padding and upholstery. The development of new joinery techniques allowed for more elaborate and decorative designs, reflecting the artistic and cultural advancements of the time.

19th Century

Industrial Revolution and Mass Production

The Industrial Revolution in the 19th century revolutionized chair production. With the introduction of steam-powered machinery and assembly line techniques, chair manufacturing became more efficient and affordable. This mass production allowed chairs to be accessible to a wider range of people, no longer limited to the upper classes.

20th Century

Modernist Design Movements

In the 20th century, various design movements, such as Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and Bauhaus, influenced chair design. Modernist designers sought to combine functionality and aesthetics. Famous designers like Charles and Ray Eames, Marcel Breuer, and Hans Wegner created iconic chairs that are still celebrated today, emphasizing clean lines, innovative materials, and ergonomic designs.

Did you know?

Did you know that the world record for the largest chair measures over 98 feet tall? It's located in Italy and would require one massive ottoman!


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