National Cheating Day

A delightful scene showcasing the joy of guilt-free indulgence on National Cheating Day. A person with a mischievous smile enjoying a large, decadent treat, surrounded by a colorful carnival setting. They wear a retro-style outfit, reminiscent of a carefree era, complete with a stylish hat. The atmosphere is filled with excitement and laughter as others join in on the fun, savoring their favorite cheat meals. Let's capture the vibrant energy of this day along with elements of nostalgia and celebration..
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We sense scandal with National Cheating Day... and by cheating... we mean a day to break from your diet, of course. Marked by a small but rebellious group of people who love temptations a bit too much, National Cheating Day is when sweet love for indulgent food reach its annual peak! This day discourages strictness when it comes to diets and encourages, for just one day, embracing our love for comfort foods. After all, everyone deserves a cheat day, especially if it's nationally celebrated!

When is Cheating Day?

It's national cheating day on the 4th October.

When indulgence has its own day

Every year, National Cheating Day celebrates the beauty of care-free eating. Forget about the calorie counting, diet plan, or your nutritionist's disapproving looks – this is a no-guilt day. Our research suggests that on 4th October 2017, the internet was in a fluster about this day, with the highest recorded mentions (94!) of all time. This day brings together food enthusiasts on the internet as they share their naughty indulgence and throw dietary caution to the wind. From deep-fried doughnuts to sizzling bacon wrapped-burgers, nothing is too indulgent on this epicurean day.

One day of permissible indulgence

Enjoy the day's culinary freedom guilt-free! Of course, it's important to have control and maintain a healthy balanced diet, but sometimes, a little cheating can serve as the perfect reward and motivation to keep ongoing. Remember, it's all about balance.

National under-the-radar Day

Despite having little official backing or widespread recognition, cheating day seems to have its own cult following. While it may not receive the same attention as say National Pancake Day or Freaky Friday, it definitely deserves a shout out for its hilarity and cheeky rule-breaking nature.

History behind the term 'Cheating'


Origin of the term 'cheating'

The term 'cheating' can be traced back to the year 1581 when it first appeared in the English language. It derived from the Middle English word 'cheat' meaning 'escheat' or 'confiscation'. At that time, cheating was primarily associated with fraudulent activities and deceiving others in order to gain personal advantage.


Expanding meaning to include adultery

In the year 1617, the meaning of 'cheating' expanded to include infidelity in relationships. This extended definition referred specifically to acts of adultery and being unfaithful to one's partner. The term became commonly used in reference to romantic betrayals, bringing an emotional dimension to the concept of cheating.


Cheating in the realm of academics

The year 1907 marked the inclusion of cheating within the realm of academics. 'Cheating' began to encompass dishonest practices such as plagiarism, exam malpractice, and academic fraud. With the rise of educational institutions and increasing competitiveness in academia, the term gained prominence in describing unethical behavior among students.


Cheating in sports

During the 1930s, the concept of cheating expanded to the realm of sports. Athletes using unfair means to gain an advantage over their opponents were labeled as cheaters. This step changed the perception of cheating beyond mere personal gain and introduced the idea of an unfair playing field in the context of sports competitions.


Modern-day digital cheating

In the 1990s, the emergence of the digital age brought a new dimension to cheating. The term expanded to encompass various forms of deception and dishonesty facilitated by technology. This included activities such as hacking, online scams, and cheating in online gaming communities. The evolution of cheating in the digital era showcased the ever-changing landscape of dishonest practices.

Did you know?

Did you know that research has indicated that having an occasional cheat day can actually help bolster your metabolism and can aid long-term adherence to diet plans? So, you're indulging for science!


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