National Cheese Ball Day

Young woman wearing an apron, holding a cheese ball, surrounded by kitchen utensils, preparing a cheesy masterpiece on National Cheese Ball Day..
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If there's something that can truly unite humanity, it's our collective love for anything cheesy. And, for the cheese lovers among us, what's meltier or more comforting than a cheese ball? Okay, maybe a block of brie... but still, let's focus on the sphere! Each year, a magical day arrives as National Cheese Ball Day spins its way into our lives, and it's enough to make us all cheddar with joy. Held on April 17th, it's a day as randomly joyful as the cheese ball itself.

When is Cheese Ball Day?

It's national cheese ball day on the 17th April.

A Brief Dive Into The Cheesy History

National Cheese Ball Day has indeed existed for quite some time, although it's notably harder to track its origins than it is to find your local dairy aisle. Like a stealthy cheese ninja, it popped up out of nowhere and wedged itself firmly into our annual celebration calendar. Intriguingly, our mention tracker recorded a whopping 3124 Cheese Ball Day mentions cropping up online, with the bulk spotted on April 17, 2020. Talk about cheese on the mind!

Why Do We Celebrate It?

Cheese balls themselves find their roots in the dairy-loving lands of America and have been a foodie staple since the 1800s. But why would we dedicate an entire day to it? Well, that's like asking why pizzas have toppings or why hotdogs come in buns - because it's delicious, and it makes us happy. Moreover, it's a simple way to enjoy something fun and somewhat ridiculous, together, without the need for fancy galas or parades. Just a cheese ball and a good company, what could be gouda than that?

How to Celebrate?

Celebrating National Cheese Ball Day is truly easy peasy cheesy. Whip up a classic cheese ball recipe or maybe venture into challenge mode by making a dessert cheese ball. If you're not into making cheesy orbs, that's okay; you can easily find them at your local grocery store. Don't forget to take the traditional cheese-ball-selfie and share it with the world. It's truly a day to let your cheese flag fly high!

Did you know?

Did you know? The largest cheese ball ever recorded weighed a staggering 1,235 pounds and was created in 2013 by a Wisconsin cheese manufacturer. At that size, you could eat cheese for a year... or maybe even less, depending upon your cheese addiction!


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