National Cheese Curd Day

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Wanna talk curdy to me? Well, you've hit the jackpot, because we're here to talk about a day dedicated to little, lumpy dairy miracles that make our taste buds do a happy jig - National Cheese Curd Day! It's a day that unites all curd nerds, and quite frankly, it's un-brie-lievable!

When is Cheese Curd Day?

It's national cheese curd day on the 16th October.

Evolution of the Curd

For those who've been living under a rock and think cheese curds might be some sort of rowdy rodent rebellion, allow us to enlighten you. Cheese curds are delightful nuggets of freshly solidified cheese before it's been aged or pressed into blocks. They're known for their distinct 'squeak' against your teeth when they're fresh, which is music to any cheese lover's ears!

The Internet's Love Affair with Cheese Curds

The internet first started its love affair with cheese curds around the early 2000s, with mentions springing up on food blogs and in passionate cheese forums. Cheesy jokes aside, it wasn't until 16th October 2019 that the internet's love for these chewy bites peaked, with a record 4123 mentions of National Cheese Curd Day! It led to a worldwide rush on cheese stores and several Google searches on 'how to make cheese curds'.

The Day Dedicated to Curds

National Cheese Curd Day celebrates the unsung hero of the cheese world. Be it battered and fried or fresh and squeaky, everyone has their own way of saying 'curds and whey hey!'. And how do people celebrate, you ask? Well, whether it's indulging in these bite-sized pleasures straight from the packet or integrating them into their culinary masterpieces, people are saying 'Gouda-night' to their diets, and we are here for it! This day is feta than Christmas for some!

Did you know?

Did you know Wisconsin is considered the Cheese Curd Capital of the World? Oh, with over 600 varieties of cheese, let's just say they know their curds!


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