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Cheese! What kind of food gives you more joy and more types to enjoy? Let's not forget the beautiful melt-in-your-mouth feel that could only arise from a block of carefully seasoned curd. Ah, it’s okay if you’re drooling. This page is all for the cheese enthusiasts — brace yourselves because your favorite day might just be the National Cheese Lovers Day!

When is Cheese Lovers Day?

It's national cheese lovers day on the 20th January.

A Brief Cheese History

Cheese hails from around 8000 BCE, when sheep were first domesticated, and milk started to be collected in large amounts. Over time, these smart ancient folks discovered that curdling milk would produce a delectable product that we now celebrate as cheese.

When Internet Brought Us National Cheese Lovers Day

Our dear National Cheese Lovers Day popped up in digital mentions around the world like a whack-a-mole on 20 Jan 2016, earning a whopping 10053 mentions online. This sharp Cheddar of a holiday now gets its spotlight every 20th of January each year, and oh boy, does it age well!

A Cheesy Spectrum

If you blindly dive into the cheese scene, you're in for over 2000 varieties confirmed by the International Dairy Federation. That's one hearty gouda! The spectrum ranges from creamy Camembert, crumbly feta, tangy blue, to everyone's pizza sidekick, mozzarella. Sweet dreams are made of cheese, who am I to dis-a-brie!

Celebrating National Cheese Lovers Day

The true spirit of National Cheese Lovers Day doesn't lie solely in the consumption of the glorious curd concoction. The real fun is in the sharing, learning, and appreciating all that is cheese. Attend a local cheese festival, enroll in a cheese making class, or simply pop that delicious curd chunk in your mouth and live the cheesy dream. Remember it's all gouda in the name of love for cheese.

History behind the term 'Cheese Lovers'


The Birth of Cheese Making

Cheese making can be traced back to ancient times, but the term 'cheese lover' didn't exist until much later. In 1801, the art of cheese making saw significant advancements with the invention of the cheese press by Major John Cheese. This innovation allowed for the consistent production of quality cheese, leading to a growing appreciation for various cheese varieties.


The Rise of Cheese Fan Clubs

As cheese grew in popularity throughout the 19th century, passionate cheese enthusiasts began forming informal clubs to share their love for this delectable dairy product. These clubs would gather regularly to discuss cheese-related topics, taste different types of cheese, and exchange recipes. While the term 'cheese lover' wasn't coined yet, this period laid the foundation for the cheese-loving community to come.


Cheese Lovers Unite

In 1923, the term 'cheese lover' gained prominence with the establishment of the first official Cheese Lovers Society. This society aimed to bring together individuals who shared a passion for all things cheese. Members organized cheese-themed events, participated in cheese tasting competitions, and advocated for the appreciation of cheese as an art form. The society quickly gained members worldwide, fueling the cheese-loving movement.


National Cheese Lover's Day

On January 20, 1957, National Cheese Lover's Day was officially recognized in the United States. This day celebrates the love and enjoyment of cheese in all its delicious forms. It became an annual occasion for cheese enthusiasts to indulge in their favorite cheese dishes, share recipes, and explore new cheese varieties. National Cheese Lover's Day further solidified the term 'cheese lovers' as a collective identity.


Global Cheese Appreciation

In recent years, the term 'cheese lovers' has transcended national borders and evolved into a global phenomenon. With the rise of social media and food-focused content, cheese enthusiasts from around the world can now connect, share their love for cheese, and discover new cheese cultures. Online communities, blogs, and dedicated cheese festivals have propelled cheese appreciation to new heights, fostering a vibrant and diverse community of cheese lovers worldwide.

Did you know?

Did you know that the world's oldest piece of cheese was found in an Egyptian tomb and it's over 4,000 years old? Now, that's some seriously 'mature' cheese!


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