National Chocolate Cake Day

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Hello, chocolatiers! We're here today to talk about a very sweet day indeed. That's right, it's National Chocolate Cake Day—your number one excuse to really indulge in a slice (or two) of pure chocolate decadence. This day makes 'calorie counting' seem like a foreign concept!

When is Chocolate Cake Day?

It's national chocolate cake day on the 27th January.

How Did National Chocolate Cake Day Begin?

Sadly, the origins of National Chocolate Cake Day are as elusive as the perfect chocolate frosting recipe. However, we detected 16,994 mentions of this most delicious of days online, with an impressive surge in digital cake chatter on January 27, 2016.

Rich History and Decadent Facts

While the origins of National Chocolate Cake Day are a mystery, the history of chocolate cake itself is rich, much like your favorite devil's food. The first chocolate cake recipe was found in the cookbook 'American Cookery' back in 1847 by Eliza Leslie. We've come a long way from then in our chocolate cake journey and today there's an entire day devoted to celebrating this mouthwatering dessert.

Ways to Celebrate

How should you mark National Chocolate Cake Day? By eating chocolate cake, of course! You could also use this as an opportunity to try your hand at baking. From classic fluffy sponge cakes adorned with a simple dusting of powdered sugar to dense, fudgey brownie cakes covered in rich ganache, there's a recipe for every skill level and taste preference. Or if baking isn't your thing, head out to a local bakery or supermarket and treat yourself!

History behind the term 'Chocolate Cake'


Discovery of Cocoa Powder

In 1764, a Swedish botanist named Carl Linnaeus discovered cocoa powder, which is made by grinding roasted cocoa beans. This discovery laid the foundation for the creation of chocolate cake by providing a key ingredient.


Invention of Solid Chocolate

In 1847, a British chocolate company, J.S. Fry & Sons, invented the first solid chocolate by combining cocoa powder, cocoa butter, and sugar. This breakthrough allowed for the incorporation of chocolate into cake recipes, eventually leading to the birth of the chocolate cake.


Introduction of Baking Powder

In 1886, baking powder was introduced as a leavening agent in baking. This innovation made it easier to create light and fluffy cakes, including chocolate cakes. Baking powder became a crucial ingredient in the rise of chocolate cake's popularity.


Rise of Chocolate Cake Mixes

During the 1930s, the convenience of pre-packaged cake mixes became increasingly popular, including chocolate cake mixes. These ready-to-use mixes made baking chocolate cake accessible to a wider range of households and contributed to its widespread enjoyment.


Devil's Food Cake Craze

In 1971, chocolate cake experienced a surge in popularity with the rise of 'Devil's Food Cake.' This rich and moist chocolate cake, typically paired with chocolate frosting, captivated dessert enthusiasts and cemented the position of chocolate cake as a beloved treat.


Versatility and Enduring Love

Today, chocolate cakes come in various forms, ranging from classic layer cakes to flourless alternatives and molten lava cakes. The enduring love for chocolate cake remains strong, making it a staple dessert for celebrations, birthdays, and everyday indulgence.

Did you know?

Did you know? The world's largest chocolate cake was baked in India on September 16, 2011. It weighed a staggering 3,331.46 pounds—that's the weight of an average-sized hippopotamus!


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