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Forget the ties, suspenders, and socks; it's time you knew about a day dedicated to appreciation of something quite unique - the cleavage! We're talking, of course, about National Cleavage Day. A day that has sent our servers into a tailspin, as we tabulated a boisterous 3881 mentions online, reaching its web peak on March 27th, 2015. No, this isn't the start of a bodice-ripper novel, but a humorous dive into history.

When is Cleavage Day?

It's national cleavage day on the 27th March.


Ready to flatten your misconceptions and pump up your knowledge? National Cleavage Day is a charmingly risqué celebration of women's femininity. Originating as a marketing strategy by Wonderbra, it has, over the years, embraced a more humorous, lighthearted appeal. From being all about brassieres to acknowledging the spectacular breadth of human body diversity, this is an appreciation day with uplift.


On National Cleavage Day, folks have been found sharing proud and body-positive photos, supporting breast cancer awareness, or even just having a good chuckle over the quirk of the day. The humor here lies not in the objectification, but in the bold celebration of body parts that are usually hushed up. Sure, some might only see it as a tribute to gravity defiance, but hey, we're here for the laughs, right?

Online Presence

Since you're here, it's clear that this day has found a buoyant presence online. With the highest number of mentions recorded on March 27, 2015, National Cleavage Day has certainly left a mark. Whether through funny memes, positive body-image messages, or charity campaigns, the virtual world has wholeheartedly embraced its rather unconventional spirit.

So, the next time someone mentions National Cleavage Day, let it be known that this is for people around the globe who look on the lighter side of life. After all, if we can celebrate days for donuts, why not for decolletage?

History behind the term 'Cleavage'


Emergence of the term cleavage

The term 'cleavage' first emerged in 1641 in the field of mineralogy. It was used to describe the tendency of some minerals to easily split along distinct planes, revealing smooth, polished surfaces. The term was later adopted in other scientific disciplines for similar phenomena.


Expanding the meaning to anatomy

In 1798, the term 'cleavage' started to be applied to describe the natural division or separation of body tissues, particularly in embryology. It referred to the visible line or groove that appears when certain body parts, such as the breasts, separate into distinct sections.


Cleavage in fashion

In the 1920s, fashion began to emphasize the appearance of a defined separation between a woman's breasts, often referred to as the 'cleavage.' This was due to changing societal attitudes towards sexuality and the liberation of women's style.


Cleavage in popular culture

The term 'cleavage' gained widespread popularity in the 1960s as it became a prominent feature in popular culture. It was celebrated and sometimes exaggerated in movies, magazines, and advertisements, contributing to its cultural significance and recognition.


The 'cleavage' phenomenon

By the 1990s, 'cleavage' became a prominent topic of discussion, and the term became increasingly associated with the visual display of a woman's breasts and the revealing clothing styles designed to enhance or showcase them. It gained substantial attention in the media and pop culture.


Changing perceptions of cleavage

In the present, the perception and celebration of 'cleavage' have become more nuanced. While it is still sometimes considered a symbol of femininity and beauty, body positivity and diverse beauty standards have encouraged a wider acceptance of different body types and styles. The meaning and significance of 'cleavage' continue to evolve alongside societal norms and individual preferences.

Did you know?

Did you know that National Cleavage Day was first celebrated in 2002 and is now marked in over 40 countries worldwide? Talk about a global lift!


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