National Cocktail Day

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Brace yourself for the information shake-up as we stir some fun facts into your cocktail of knowledge about National Cocktail Day. This is the day we all remember that life, indeed, is much like a cocktail, full of different ingredients and experiences, mixed in a shaker called life.

When is Cocktail Day?

It's national cocktail day on the 24th March.

A Splash of History

National Cocktail Day is not just some fancy day to glorify our indulgence in the colorful libations. No, no. This goes back to the internet archives, up and bubbling since the first mentions in 2017. The zenith came about on 24 Mar 2017, which saw the most mentions - a whopping 2812!

Triple Sec of Growth

The online search trends recorded for National Cocktail Day show an impressive growth every year. The popularity of this day has been on the rocks, without the bitter taste of course. From professional mixologists to your next door neighbor with their secret muddled mint recipe, everyone raises their glasses to the utter charm of cocktails.

The Perfect Blend

National Cocktail Day serves as a delightful reminder that cocktails aren't just about the drink, they're about the joy of experimenting, creating and sharing. From a simple gin and tonic to extravagant, multi-layered concoctions, they truly encapsulate the spirit of creativity in a glass.

Raising the Bar

As you raise your glass to celebrate National Cocktail Day next time, remember the growth, the joy, and the creativity it stands for. Whether or not you're a fan of these tantalizing refreshments, you’ll certainly appreciate the global stir this day has made online. So, let’s cheers to the internet and its love for our favorite libations!

Did you know?

Did you know that the word 'cocktail' was first defined in print in 1806 by The Balance, and Columbian Repository newspaper?


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13th May 2015

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24th March 2017

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